Top 5 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts with Discover Books

We all know how tricky it can be to make sure that we not only get the right gift for those on our lists this year, but also to make sure we do it without breaking the bank…right? Well, never fear, Discover Books is coming to the rescue this year! We have listed below the Top 5 easiest ways to save money and make sure that your loved ones get EXACTLY what they want this holiday season. Check it out!

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1) Take Advantage of Promotional Offers – At Discover Books, getting the books in the hands of readers is our #1 priority so we always have easy-peasy ways for you to save! We run fabulous deals very often to save you even more money on top of our everyday low prices! Simply enter a discount code at checkout and watch the savings multiply. Want to know where to learn about these promos and deals?? Keep reading!!! Also, we are currently still running our Black Friday Sale so click here to take advantage now!


2) Join Our Mailing List – Buy putting your name on the list, you will have exclusive access to information on upcoming sales and promotions. Be “in the know” and get coupon codes and sale notifications sent directly to your email – Click here now to sign up! While you’re at it, you can subscribe to our blog by clicking here and selecting “Follow Us” at the bottom right-hand side of the page. Check in with us each week as we post fun information about holiday promos and much more!


3) Bundle, Bundle, Bundle! – Why buy just one book?! You can save TONS of money when you buy a bundle at! We have put together pre-selected packs of books at heavily discounted prices so that you can get more bang for your buck. Go ahead…we’ll wait for you to do your happy dance.


4) Free Shipping All Day, Everyday – Today and every day for that matter, brings you FREE SHIPPING! All orders shipped to the 48 contiguous United States are free. What an amazing way to save over the holiday season! You can send a book to anyone in the country and not pay a single penny to have it delivered. Pretty cool right?! NOTE: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and anywhere else outside the US is calculated prior to submitting your payment information.


5) Send a Gift Certificate – Want to give the gift of endless learning, literacy and love this holiday season? (Hint: that gift is books!) Click here to email someone a Discover Books gift certificate and let them find their favorites or explore new books. Gift certificates are sold in $5 increments and you can even customize your email template to coordinate with any occasion…how cool is that!? The best part…you don’t have to pay for shipping, wrapping or delivery! BEST. GIFT. EVER.


Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

*Feel free to contact us at 855-702-6657 with any questions regarding your order*

Happy Thanks & Giving

It is Thanksgiving week and we are going to take today’s blog entry to think a little bit deeper about what this holiday really means to us. It means quite a bit to us in fact. Let’s dissect…

First, “THANKS”…simple enough, right? Just a simple word, right? Wrong! To Discover Books, being thankful is something very near and dear to us. Wondering what we are most thankful for? Well the answer is you! We cannot express how thankful we are for our followers and donors who give their used books to us so that we can pass them along to others who will enjoy them. Something as simple as dropping your books in one of our donation boxes can change someone else’s life for the better. We are thankful and we can tell you from experience that the recipients of your donations are even more thankful than we are. We want to send out a big “thank you!” to all of our library partners, retail partners, individual donors and anyone/everyone else who has donated books to our cause!

thank you.gif

Next, “GIVING”…again, it seems simple and most of us do it without even thinking about it but this is what we live for at Discover Books and what we love most about what we do. Being able to give back to the communities we serve is the most important part about our book repurposing program. If you are someone lucky enough to have had access to books in your life, it might sound strange, but the truth is that there are countless people and families who have never owned their own books before. We know that it is important to never take books for granted and during this holiday (and every day of the year for that matter) we enjoy giving back as much as we possibly can. We couldn’t do any of this without the members of the community who donate to help us in our mission of spreading literacy, so thank you again….thank you for giving.


As you spend time with family and loved ones this week, feel free to post pictures to our social media pages about the things that you are most thankful for! Heck, maybe even a picture of you being thankful for your favorite book from Discover Books! We would love to share your positivity across our company pages!

Lastly, we also want to give back to each and every one of you by participating in a little bit of obligatory Black Friday madness. “GOBBLE” up the savings at Details below!

Click here on Friday to access our Black Friday sale where items will be discounted by 15%.

Can’t wait until then?! You can get in on the action early by using code BLACKFRIDAYPREVIEW at checkout NOW until Friday for 10% off!

It gets even better because if you shop now and use the code BLACKFRIDAYPREVIEW before Friday, you will receive an ADDITIONAL coupon for 20% off!


Happy Thanks & Giving from our Discover Books family to yours!

Gobble, Gobble!

We’re Bringing Reading Back…

Happy Tuesday!

If you read our blog, you may know (if you don’t read our blog, you should start!) we’ve explored some of the health benefits that reading has in a previous entry. However, we feel SO strongly about it, that we wanted to dive a little deeper today.

Discover Books strives to promote literacy for a plethora of reasons and one of the most important ones is that we know literacy and reading, starting at a young age, play large roles in developmental and intellectual growth! A recent article from the Deseret News in Salt Lake City explains exactly what we mean in a little bit more depth. Let’s take a gander, shall we?!

Chandra Johnson of the Deseret News explains that:

“…while reading is such a seemingly simple and essential part of child development, not all children are read to early or often, putting them at a developmental and intellectual disadvantage….Aside from building necessary language and learning skills, storytime has other hidden benefits as science and literacy experts are just beginning to understand, namely, how reading helps children develop beyond mere language and how it can strengthen families.”

Literacy, developmental advantages, intellectual advantages and better family dynamics…all from reading!! It’s so simple yet, some people don’t read to their children, can’t read to their children or worse, don’t have access to books! How HORRIBLE!!!


We are inspired to encourage parents and guardians to get out there, develop their own reading skills and pass those skills on to their kids! And we are doing everything we can to make sure that anyone and everyone has access to books…NO MATTER WHAT! NO EXCUSES! BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Johnson goes on to explain:

“a study published in Pediatrics in 2010 found that children who were not read to as kids were at an increased risk of not being ready for school by age 6 and were also more likely to experience socioeconomic disadvantages into adulthood, including low self-esteem, depression, behavior problems, social isolation and were five times more likely to report poor health as adults.”

It is an amazingly interesting article and you can read more here.

If you or anyone you know works for an organization, school, company, non-profit or any other establishment that could benefit from a donation of children’s books, please reach out to us! Let’s find a way to get books into the hands of those who need/want them.

Call us at (888) 402-BOOK or click here to reach out online!

A lot of our partners help us collect books by placing donation boxes in local spots within the community in exchange for donations to the organization of their choice! It is a win-win. Books coming in, books going out, literacy is increasing and the STORIES ARE LIVING ON!!!


Also, if you are simply looking to beef up your own book shelf at home, you can check out our website. The one and only has millions of titles at SUPER low prices so that you can read your little heart out without breaking the bank.

Even better, now you can GIVE the gift of literacy to those you love and care about. We are offering gift cards on our website so go ahead and send someone you love a gift that they will cherish. Use the gift of reading to brighten someone’s day this holiday season! Learn more now by clicking here!


Post Election Food For Thought…Discover Books Style

We are fairly confident that your news feed, email, daily life and pretty much everything else that you can possibly think of is (and has been for the past couple months) flooded with press and propaganda regarding the recent election of the new President of The United States. So, in honor of your sanity, here at Discover Books, we figured we would blog about the BIG issues today….you know, the things that REALLY MATTER.

First off:

happy cat.gif

Next, it is imperative that we help you understand:




We also hope you take time to stop and reflect on the following 4 points:





And last but not least, we’re here to help you find your happy place:


If you want to be as ZEN as this pup, you might consider snuggling up with a good read and escaping from the craziness for a while. Check out for millions of titles at low prices.

We hope that this brought you some much needed election relief for just a few moments.

Happy Wednesday!!

Trunk Or Treat with Discover Books

Even though Halloween is over (and it went by WAY too fast) we hope that you had a blast and collected enough candy to last you until next October!

We wanted to share a special Discover Books event with you where some members of a community in Hammond, IN were lucky enough to receive more than candy this year! Discover Books was on site at the Trunk or Treat event where more than 4,000 children’s books were given away to goblins, ghosts, princesses and superheroes of all ages!

Partnering with Edison Community Crime Watch, East Side Community Council and the Home Depot of Hammond, IN we are proud to announce that we provided over 2,500 children with treats that will not only satisfy their sweet tooth, but also their itch to read a new book!

Check out the pictures below! We hope to see you at Trunk or Treat next year!

Also, don’t forget to reach out to us next time you or your organization wants to host an event like this one. If you want to give back to your community and promote literacy, Discover Books just might be able to make an appearance…you never know!!