Top 5 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts with Discover Books

We all know how tricky it can be to make sure that we not only get the right gift for those on our lists this year, but also to make sure we do it without breaking the bank...right? Well, never fear, Discover Books is coming to the rescue this year! We have listed below the [...]

Happy Thanks & Giving

It is Thanksgiving week and we are going to take today’s blog entry to think a little bit deeper about what this holiday really means to us. It means quite a bit to us in fact. Let’s dissect… First, “THANKS”…simple enough, right? Just a simple word, right? Wrong! To Discover Books, being thankful is something [...]

Post Election Food For Thought…Discover Books Style

We are fairly confident that your news feed, email, daily life and pretty much everything else that you can possibly think of is (and has been for the past couple months) flooded with press and propaganda regarding the recent election of the new President of The United States. So, in honor of your sanity, here at [...]