Robert Burns Day – Complete with Haggis, Neeps and Tatties!

Happy Wednesday! Today we have a special “treat” just for you!

Most of you bookies out there have probably heard of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, and today would have been his 258th birthday! Although he only lived to be 37, his work had a tremendous impact and influence on the world of literature. We recognize him for his accomplishments and contributions to the world of READING that we know and love today. Uniquely enough, many people still honor Robert Burns by partaking in traditional Scottish meals and drinking Scottish whiskey on January 25th…aka today!

hbdrobert.jpg is honoring him by offering a 10% discount on any purchase until February 1st! Cool, right?!

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Another fun site that we found is – a site dedicated to the memory of this pioneer in literature. They have everything from complete sets of his work to links where you can purchase apparel and outfits inspired by his Scottish heritage. Additionally, the site explains exactly what a traditional “Burns Supper” means. In Scottland, these events are taken very seriously so below we have included a menu for you from so that you can create your very own, “Burns Supper” in honor of the poet himself!

You Better Get Cookin’!

  1. Haggis – Sheep’s ”pluck” (heart, liver and lungs) combined with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, soaked in stock and then boiled in the sheep’s stomach…yumm!!!
  2. Creamy, whiskey sauce – Heat double cream in a pan over a medium heat, then add a splash of whisky and simmer to burn off the alcohol.
  3. Neeps & Tatties – A mixture of “swede” and potato is the mandatory Burns Night accompaniment to haggis!
  4. Cranachan (Dessert Time!) – A traditional dessert of cream, fruit and oatmeal.






Come See Us at the ALA Midwinter Show 2017!

Hi everyone! This blog post is specifically dedicated to our library partners! We bet you know what this weekend is…don’t you!?! THE ALA SHOW!!! Wooohoooooo!

Discover Books is beyond excited to let everyone know that we will be attending the ALA Midwinter Show in Atlanta this weekend. If you can’t tell, we absolutely love ALA Shows!! Aaaaaand we really hope to see you there!! We will be at booth 957 with chocolate (hehe) so feel free to stop by, say “hi,” and enter to win a Kindle!

To get us in the spirit, we have included some great pictures below from the last ALA show in Orlando. Some of the biggest smiling faces in our whole company were there last time and had an absolute BLAST! We hope to do the same this coming weekend at the 2017 Midwinter Show and can’t wait to get there!

See you in Atlanta!

Barack Obama’s Reading List for 2017

Regardless of which side of the political fence you find yourself on, it would be hard to deny that the last eight years have been ones for the history books. We have watched as Obama has occupied office and navigated many triumphs and failures over the past two terms. And I would imagine that we can all agree, although we may be excited or anxious for what is to come this year, being the President of the United States is a stressful job…one that most people would not want. We have watched as a nation as Barack’s hair has gradually turned from a dark black color to more of a “snowy” hue.


Now that his time in office is coming to an end, Discover Books has exclusive information into what he plans to do to find much needed peace and relaxation as he decompresses over the next year or so. A Discover Books EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama’s Reading List for 2017. You’re welcome.

1) Bye, Bye White House –  Leaving the White House and establishing a new permanent residence is likely at the top of Barack’s list of things to do for his family. And it will be necessary for him to brush up on his home-improvement skills since he likely won’t have a full staff to maintain his pristine home any longer. Home Improvement 1-2-3: Expert Advice From The Home Depot is the perfect read for learning the basics to keep his new home in great shape!


2) Stress Relief – The Little Book of Stress Relief by David Posen is a no brainer. Its pretty self explanatory that taking some time off MENTALLY from the trials and tribulations of running the nation is Obama’s first order of business after he moves out of the White House.

3) Vacationing – It is evident to anyone who watches them interact that the Obama family is just like any other American family. They may never be out of the public eye again but they are definitely looking forward to spending quality time together now that they are moving on. Getaways: Carefree Retreats For All Seasons by Chris Casson Madden will aid them in figuring out the most exclusive places to vacation and spend time with each other…away from the scrutiny of the press for a while.

4) Golf – CBS News recently reported that the president played over 300 rounds of golf during his time in office. He clearly uses his love of the sport as a way to fins some “me” time during the hectic workday. He is planning on reading Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days by Robert Sidorsky to start checking off his bucket list of courses. Drive on Barack, drive on. You deserve it!

5) Gray Hair – It might seem petty but Barack would like nothing more than to get back to his suave younger, darker-haired days. Step one…eliminate the grays. But we have all grown to love his gray hair as it makes him who he is and who he has become as POTUS. So we think that Barack will likely read The Hidden Treasures In Gray Hair: – Adults Golden Words Of Wisdom by Dele Ajaja. This will help him to not only learn about why he should love his “new do” but also maybe to learn a little bit more about life and what it has to offer in his adult years, post presidency.

Want to read like a president? Click on any of the links above to head over to and order your very own copy of the books that Barack Obama will be reading this year. We know you wont be disappointed. As we look forward to a new Presidential era, we would like to extend our words of “Farewell” to a historic era with the Obamas – Best of luck, happy adventuring and happy reading in the new year Barack, Michelle, Malia and Natasha!!


Reading 2017 Off to a Great Start

Happy New Year!!


It is officially 2017!! Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone and we have enjoyed every second (well almost every second) of it! As most people have already done, we would imagine that you’ve created your list of resolutions for the new year, right?

As we mentioned in our previous post, we hope that on your list you are planning to include living every day to its full potential! You never know what might happen so get out there, try new things and take some risks! #yolo….remember?!


Regardless of whether or not you’ve made a mental list of the things you want to do differently or better in 2017, we also wanted to give you one of our favorite lists of some “must reads” for your new adventurous (#yolo) lifestyle! About a week ago, released their list of, “12 Books to Read for a Hopeful Start to 2017.” Take advantage of some (if not all) of these optimistic and inspiring books to help you live out your new year’s resolutions!

We’ve chosen our top 5 favorites from the list and included them below.

The best part is that you can buy any of them at (for a lot less than retail & free shipping!) by clicking on its picture below.

Happy reading!

1) The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean – Susan Casey

the wave.PNG

2) The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life – Alison Gopnik


3) When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi


4) The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected     World – Jacqueline Novogratz


5) The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration – Isabel Wilkerson