The Very First’s 285th!

For all you history buffs out there, and pretty much for anyone who calls the USA home, the first ever President of the United States, George Washington, would be celebrating his 285th birthday today! He was born in 1732 and many historians still celebrate his birthday!

Technically, up until the 1980s February 22nd was celebrated as a national holiday but later changed to celebrate all of the former and current POTUSs on what we now observe as “President’s Day” on the third Monday of the month.

Here are some awesome books about our 1st president and some other pretty awesome Presidents that made history . These books are jam-packed with some facts that you probably know and others that might surprise you. Check them out below! As always, if you know even more than we do and have some additional interesting facts about President Washington, don’t hesitate to comment below! We would love to hear from you and I’m sure our history buff readers would love to know as well!

1) George Washington’s Socks (Time Travel Adventures) – A magical rowboat transports five adventurous kids back in time to the eve of the Battle at Trenton where they get a first-hand lesson on the American Revolution.


2) George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution – A dive into the behind the scenes operations! 


3) The Story of George Washington (Signature Books, 25) – A signature classic!


Click on the pictures above to purchase these directly OR head over to to select from THOUSANDS of books on this topic. It is definitely an important one! We hope you enjoy and…from all of us here at Discover Books…

Happy Birthday George!!!


Post Valentine’s Day Sugar Stopper

Good Morning!! We hope you had a fabulous holiday yesterday, but now, it’s time to face the facts and get down to biznazz.

It is a well-known fact that today, February 15th…the day after Valentine’s Day…might as well be a national candy holiday. Today, in pretty much every store imaginable, every box of heart shaped chocolates, bag of fruity message hearts and tray of chocolate covered strawberries is going to be HEAVILY discounted.  That being said, we can all pretty much admit that if we didn’t over-indulge yesterday while celebrating with our significant others, we are most likely going to over-indulge today because, hey…it’s ON SALE!

To keep your life balanced and your pants fitting perfectly, we have compiled a short list of 5 easy, peasy exercises that you can do WHILE READING, to make sure that the sweets don’t get the best of your health.

1) Elliptical or Stationary Bike – Burn tons of calories while catching up on your latest read. Perhaps you’re in the mood for some Jodi Picoult. “Leaving Time,” is one of our favorites right now. Buy it here for $3.50!


2) Wall Sitting – It’s basically the same as sitting in a chair (only way healthier) so you should be able to hold this position for at least an hour (we’re obviously joking….please don’t hurt yourself!) while finishing up the last few chapters of your current book.

wall sit.gif

3) Small Dumbbell Curls – Time to think BEAST MODE as you pump your iron and get your endorphins flowing…right? Okay maybe not that intense…but you can use lighter weights and still get the same affect. Prop your book up on the nearest table, counter, shelf, etc. and then you can stand/read/work out those arms all at the same time!


4) Squats – These are the easiest way to get your glutes in check! The best part is that, by reading while you do them, you can distract your mind from how bad your legs will be burning and get a more effective workout. You can do them with a friend or try getting lost in a whimsical, fictional novel like Harry Potter to help your mind escape from the love/hate relationship you likely have with squats! Check out the Harry Potter selection at now!


5) Calf Raises – Last but not least. This one is easy and will get your legs “summer ready” in no time! Basically, just stand in place (while reading, obviously) and lift yourself up onto your tip toes, hold for 5 seconds and then lower yourself back down to flat feet. After a few reps, you will feel the burn!

calf raises.gif

And there you have it! The 5 easiest exercises to do while reading your latest Discover Books treasure! Enjoy!!

Top 5 “Best” Bookie Pick Up Lines

Happy Wednesday Book-O-Sphere! Looks like Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and you know what that means…it’s time to make some romantic plans for you and your significant other!

donald love.gif

There is no doubt that love is in the air and the roses and chocolates are in full effect at every retailer, restaurant, date spot, etc. known to man…right? But what if you don’t have a significant other to share the special day with? NOT TO WORRY! Discover Books has you covered with the Top 5 “Best” (possibly cheesiest) Pick Up Lines to win the heart of the one you love. We would imagine that the apple of your eye loves books as much as you do so, you guessed it, they’re all book themed!

book love.gif

1) THE CLASSIC ROMANTIC – “I like books, you like books, why don’t we start writing the story of us?”

2) SUPER SUAVE – “Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print!”


3) MR. CHEESY – “Are you a library book? Because I can’t stop checking you out.”

4) THE LIBRARIAN – “Do you have a card in the Dewey decimal system? Because I have to write down your number!”


But wait, that was only 4……

Thought we forgot one didn’t you?! We like to cover all of our bases so just in case you aren’t interested in the romance, would like to focus on yourself and want to spend the special day solo, we threw in one SURE FIRE line that will promise to turn away any and every schmuck trying to win your heart over. You’re welcome!

5) THE “NO THANKS…I JUST WANT TO SPEND VALENTINE’S DAY ALONE”-R – Any time a guy/girl tries to use one of these pick up lines on you and you’re completely uninterested, we suggest, “The truth is, Charles Dickens gave me Great Expectations but I know you won’t be able to meet them…thanks anyway!”


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Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Touchdown!!! Super Bowl LI Savings!!

As most of you probably know, Super Bowl LI is upon us. On Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons (the two best teams in the entire NFL for 2017) will battle it out for the title of Super Bowl Champion 2017!

tom brady.gif

We can only hope that the footballs will be fully inflated, the fans will be screaming and the food at your Super Bowl party will be delicious! Also, halftime performer, Lady Gaga is promising to deliver an epic show so don’t forget to tune in if you’re a fan of pop culture!

lady gaga.gif

If you’re anything like we are at Discover Books, you love a great book and better yet, a great deal! So “hut, hut, hike”…comin’ at ya this week is a TOUCHDOWN of a great deal on our entire selection of millions of hot titles.

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But don’t wait…like the air in Tom Brady’s footballs, this deal isn’t going to last.


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Happy Super Bowl Week!!!