A Successful Non-Profit Partnership to help Let the Stories Live On!

Happy Thursday Bookies!!!!

We wanted to tell you about a great new partner that is helping us to Let The Stories Live On!!

Last week Discover Books had the pleasure of meeting with and learning more about a new non-profit partner. A Book For My Birthday is a non-profit organization based out of Gaithersburg, MD that focuses on replenishing the book-starved areas of their community.

Their website, www.abookformybirthday.com, reads, “Today, many disadvantaged students don’t read or can’t read, simply because they have no books. We want to change that. We are four high school students, and we believe that every disadvantaged early learner in Montgomery County, Maryland, deserves AT LEAST one book, on their birthday.”

We think the cause is fantastic and we were able to provide them with about 2,500 gently used children’s books as the first of many donations to come. The founders of this non-profit (pictured below from left to right – Brent, Alexia, Caleigh & Danny) spent their Saturday last weekend sorting and categorizing books so that the books can reach their full potential when they are delivered.

We’ve included some great pictures below and don’t forget to check out their website! Any donations to Discover Books or to A Book For My Birthday are welcomed to keep the cause going and growing 🙂


Lucky St. Patrick’s Day DIY Projects!

I bet you’re wondering what we have in our magical bag of lucky charms for this week’s blog, right?! Well you are in for a treat because we have an entire pot of gold filled to the top with DIY treats and projects to help you celebrate the holiday like a true Leprechaun!

1) First up, a Glitter Shamrock Banner made from old book pages! If you have any old books laying around that you are looking to turn into something magnificent, you can use this DIY project to make awesome St. Patty’s Day decor. Check out lollyjane.com for even more great ideas! Click on the picture below to learn how to make this banner!

shamrock banner

2) Festive Library Book Displays – One of the most creative and festive library book displays that we have seen leading up to St. Patrick’s Day is featured below and was created at the Tamarack District Library in Lakeview, Michigan! This is awesome, with a rainbow and even a pot of gold at the end! Send us pictures of your library’s most creative display and you might even see it on our blog soon!

library display

3) Mint Oreo Hot Chocolate – We can’t really think of anything more perfect to go with a warm blanket, quiet corner and favorite book on St. Patty’s Day other than some delicious, green, magical hot chocolate. This one from Tonya Staab’s blog is a real crowd-pleaser! For our 21-year-old and over crowd, you might even want to spice your recipe up with an adult beverage option..maybe a little Bailey’s Irish Cream to liven up the mood and get you in the Irish spirit?? Just a thought 🙂

hot chocolate.PNG

4) Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage – Food.com has outdone themselves this year and we want to share with you the easiest, most delicious recipe for the traditional Irish meal of the holiday. Check it out and don’t forget to save us some! We’re coming over for dinner!!

corned beef.PNG

5) Leprechaun Bookmarks – These are the cutest, easiest, CHEAPEST bookmarks that you can make. How clever is this idea from The Huffington Post?! All you need to do is swing through your local hardware store and pick up some paint swatches. Then let your little ones go to town with stickers and sparkles to make their own unique creations to use while indulging in their new favorite book! If this doesn’t make reading (and St. Patty’s Day) fun, we don’t know what will!


From all of us here at Discover Books, we would like to wish you a very happy and safe St. Patty’s day.

And guess, what…YOU’RE IN LUCK! When you hang with us, you don’t have to be Irish to get lucky and keep your pot of gold in-tact!

We have a special Leprechaun discount code for you to use on your next purchase.

Use code LUCKY20 to save 20% on your next purchase of 2 or more books!



Kickin’ it OLD SCHOOL for the Weekend

Believe it or not, tomorrow, March 10th, is National Landline Telephone day. Yes, you heard us correctly and that is in fact A THING.

This inspired us to write this week’s blog about the top 5 “old school” things that were AWESOME in their day and that we don’t use as much anymore.

Let’s Count Them Down Starting with the March 10th Item of the Day !

5) Landline Telephones – Remember back in the day when you couldn’t call someone from just anywhere? The days when you had to actually write down, or even better, memorize phone numbers?! I can still remember the phone numbers of my best friends to this day. Landlines are a throwback to a simpler time when you would hope that your mom or dad didn’t “accidentally” pick up the phone while you were chatting with your high-school crush. RIP LANDLINES


4) Disposable Cameras – Remember the simpler times in life when you had to trust that you were taking a good photograph and didn’t get to do a “do-over” after noticing that you completely cropped one of your siblings out of the shot? Remember the excitement you felt when you picked up your prints from the store and opened that envelope to see all of the pictures that you had forgotten about taking!?! What an amazing moment that always was. Nowadays we take for granted the instant satisfaction of photographs. Give this throwback a try this weekend perhaps! Head to the store, purchase a disposable camera and put the smartphone down for a change. You might find that you take even better pictures when you can’t see them instantaneously! Who knows!!


3) Handwritten Letters  – Getting a letter in the mail used to be pretty common and pretty much the only way to communicate with friends and family who you didn’t see on a regular basis. Nowadays I feel like a kid on Christmas when I get a handwritten letter in the mail. What ever happened to this ancient art and the long lost pass-time of pen pals!?! Send a letter to us at Discover Books or to a close friend this weekend and make someone’s day a little brighter. What do ya say?!


2) Using A Dictionary – Once upon a time there was no such thing as “GOOGLE” to learn how to spell a word or teach you the definition of a word you had never heard before. Remember being puzzled by a word your parents used and pulling the heavy dictionary off of the shelf to see what the definition was? Or even better, using a dictionary to look up words in class at school and handwriting definitions of new words!? We hated it back then but looking back, those were some good times. Just for fun, we challenge you to dust off your old dictionary this weekend and teach yourself a few words that you didn’t know. Ready, GO!


1) Movies at Blockbuster-  Believe it or not, On-Demand movies weren’t always a thing. In fact, you actually had to get in your car, drive to the store on Saturday night and HOPE that all 10 copies of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” on VHS weren’t already rented! That’s right….the movie you wanted could have potentially been out of stock and you would have to scour the endless aisles of alphabetized movies and settle for another, less popular flick. Then you would have to pay for it, REWIND it when you were done and bring it back within three days or they charged you a ridiculous fee!  Next time you rent a movie through your TV with the push of a button, remember that the struggle was real for all of us old folk who used to have to rent movies the old fashioned way!


After reminiscing on all of these , we also thought we would mention how much we are IN LOVE with the idea of getting all of our followers, partners and friends back to the old school style of reading tangible books…you know the ones with paper pages and that classic book smell? We know that some people MIGHT think it is better to read from a tablet or e-reader but we cannot imagine a world where books aren’t held, in-hand and read from cover to cover.

To kick off the weekend and get you moving in the right direction, get over to our website, www.DiscoverBooks.com, and invest in some tangible books of your very own. We even have a special discount code for you to save you some moolah!

Use code OLDSCHOOL20 at checkout for 20% off of your order!

The weather is slowly starting to get nicer so find a warm corner on your porch or in a sunny corner of your house to indulge in one of the most beloved “old school” pass-times of them all….good old fashioned READING!!!


Happy Thursday!


Books for Little Ones with BIG Price Tags

This week we wanted to bring a serious issue to everyone’s attention. This is something that I’m sure we have all experienced at some point in our lives but it goes by the name of “STICKER SHOCK.” One of our loyal Discover Books patrons was taking a casual stroll through one of the country’s largest retail chain stores on Saturday and sent us these pictures:

Even knowing how much these books cost at retail value (usually around $12-$13 each!) seeing a display like this advertising a WHOPPING $8.98 PER BOOK comes as quite a surprise to us…and we are sure it comes as a surprise to you too.

This prompted us to conduct a survey of the top 5 leading brick and mortar stores where people purchase books to see how much an individual, hard cover, Dr. Seuss book costs on average. The verdict…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! Nearly $9.82 on average for one of these early childhood books. We were blown away.

You might be asking why we are so shocked at this number. You might be thinking to yourself, “That sounds reasonable” or worse yet, “Hey! That’s a deal! What are they talking about?”. Chances are you may have even purchased a number of these books to stock the shelves in your child’s library at home. Are we right?

Okay well we are going to break it down for you and explain why we are so astounded by these prices.

Let’s say for example that you want to buy 5 of these books in any large retail store to start a collection of your child’s very own. You would be spending (based on the average price of $9.82 per book) around $49.00 for your 5-piece starter pack.


Ugh…yeah…that’s how we feel too! So let us give you a different scenario that will hopefully put a smile on your face and a few (A LOT) dollars back into your wallet.

If you click the link and go to www.DiscoverBooks.com you can buy a 5-piece bundle of the EXACT same hard cover, Dr. Seuss books for….DRUMROLL PLEASE…..

$7.00 TOTAL!!


Yes. You heard us correctly. Five of these books for $7.00 total! (**free shipping**)

That means that you can buy 35 of our Dr. Seuss books for the same price that you would pay to buy only 5 at the large retail stores.


So now you can probably understand why we were so confused and astonished to hear what these stores are charging. That being said, stop wasting your time and money on books at retail prices and head to www.DiscoverBooks.com to purchase your bundles. There are other genres and categories of bundled books for the same price so you can build a fabulously dynamic library for your little ones without breaking the bank!

Please feel free to share this post with anyone and everyone because we want to share the knowledge and share the wealth. There are plenty of bundles to go around!

Happy Shopping!!