A Successful Non-Profit Partnership to help Let the Stories Live On!

Happy Thursday Bookies!!!! We wanted to tell you about a great new partner that is helping us to Let The Stories Live On!! Last week Discover Books had the pleasure of meeting with and learning more about a new non-profit partner. A Book For My Birthday is a non-profit organization based out of Gaithersburg, MD that [...]

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day DIY Projects!

I bet you're wondering what we have in our magical bag of lucky charms for this week's blog, right?! Well you are in for a treat because we have an entire pot of gold filled to the top with DIY treats and projects to help you celebrate the holiday like a true Leprechaun! 1) First [...]

Kickin’ it OLD SCHOOL for the Weekend

Believe it or not, tomorrow, March 10th, is National Landline Telephone day. Yes, you heard us correctly and that is in fact A THING. This inspired us to write this week’s blog about the top 5 “old school” things that were AWESOME in their day and that we don’t use as much anymore. Let’s Count [...]

Books for Little Ones with BIG Price Tags

This week we wanted to bring a serious issue to everyone's attention. This is something that I'm sure we have all experienced at some point in our lives but it goes by the name of "STICKER SHOCK." One of our loyal Discover Books patrons was taking a casual stroll through one of the country's largest [...]