Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank Defers Over 141 Tons of Books from Shredding!

This week’s blog post is dedicated to one of our fantastic non-profit partners who has recently broken a book-saving record. Discover Books first started working with the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank in November of 2015. The partnership allows Discover Books to work hand in hand with the Book Bank to donate hundreds of thousands of free children’s books to the Cleveland area and keep the books in the hands of happy readers instead of having them end up in recycling bins or the landfill!! YAY!

Since 2013 children throughout Cleveland neighborhoods have enjoyed taking books from 60 Little Free Libraries that the Kids’ Book Bank installed and supports. The books fly out of the Little Free Libraries so the children needed an endless supply of books.

In our first 13 months as partners with them, the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank has distributed 466,475 amazing children’s books through more than 350 partner organizations and their Little Free Libraries!! This is truly groundbreaking.

The most recent post from our fabulous partner boasts a record-breaking 141 TONS of books that have had a chance to go to a happy new home instead of a recycling bin or landfill….Talk about Letting The Stories Live On! Sheesh!!

We couldn’t be happier to continue working with them to keep fueling their missing and keeping the stories alive! Way to go Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank!! Here are some photos to show you the absolute magic that they are making happen in Cleveland.

Want to get involved?! Head over to or to learn more about both programs and ways that you can donate and help!


John Grisham 30th Novel & Book Tour 2017

He’s Back!

For the first time in over a quarter of a century, American best-selling author, John Grisham, is going on tour in 2017!

With the release of his 30th novel, readers can expect the new book, Camino Island, in June and a tour covering 12 different U.S. cities!

Grisham’s teaser for the new book on his website reads:

“Bestselling author John Grisham stirs up trouble in paradise in his endlessly surprising new thriller.  Priceless F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts stolen in a daring heist; a young woman recruited to recover them; a beach-resort bookseller who gets more than he bargained for—all in one long summer on Camino Island.”


It’s going to be amazing.

If you are a super-fan like we know a lot of you probably are, click here to head over to his website and see if he is coming to a town near you. You also probably want to get tickets in advance and read the list of rules — yes RULES — for fans on this tour. This is serious business!

In the meantime, you might want to freshen up on the unique genre that is John Grisham’s specialty with a few “light” reads. You can purchase a gently used copy of your old favorites as well as some new thrillers at now! Click below to see our inventory:

John Grisham at Discover Books


Easter Eggs Inspired by Books!

As most of you probably know, Easter is coming quickly! Sunday will be a day full of celebration and Easter egg hunts across the country!

We found some pretty creative articles that we wanted to feature in this week’s blog that put a twist on the traditional Easter egg.

First up, a kid friendly craft that will keep your little readers busy for hours! A recent article from, ties together our favorite thing in the whole world (books!) and one of the most beloved pass-times on this annual holiday!

Imagine if you could dye/decorate your Easter eggs according to your favorite book!!

How cool would it be to tell a story, Easter egg style, from beginning to end of an Easter egg hunt?! Our imaginations have been running wild ever since we started thinking about all of the possibilities for characters that we can create!

Check out the images below and read the full article here!


We also think that this idea from is amazing! Got any old books lying around? (c’mon…we know you do!) Use them to create 1 of a kind eggs that all of your bookie friends will be OBSESSED with!


We want to invite all of our readers to come up with the most creative book inspired, Easter egg designs that they can think of and post pictures of their creations on our Facebook and Twitter pages for everyone to see! Pull one of your favorite books or characters off of the shelf and out of your imagination to create an Easter egg/storybook masterpiece!! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!!


Don’t forget to take advantage of a pretty sweet Easter deal that we have for you on our website!

Use the code BLOGEASTER2017 for 15% off of 2 or more books at right now!!

You can read your favorite stories and bring the characters to life on your Easter eggs at the same time!

From our Discover Books Family to yours…Happy Easter!!!

Spring Cleaning & Spring Reading!

In honor of spring being right around the corner, we can’t stop thinking about all of the fun spring activities we want to get into in the coming weeks!!


We would imagine that to make room for all of the fun stuff you will bring in this summer, a little spring cleaning is in order right?!

Aaaaaand…we know that you probably have more books than the average person, you know, being a bookie and all.


We don’t blame ya! In fact, we’re here to help!! What a better way to celebrate the change in season than to clear out all of the books you’ve already read in order to make room for new ones!

Okay sure, keep a few classics and a few favorites but the rest can find new homes with new stories to tell if you know where to take them!

Want to know the easiest way to make room on those shelves and ensure that your books will find new homes where they will be cherished??

Donate to a Discover Books drop box near you!!

book bin

Wondering how to find one? No problem!

Below is a step by step list of instructions to make sure you get your books to us so we can find them new readers!

1) Log on to the internet and head over to


2) Click on “Our Program” and then click on “Get Involved”

3) Enter your zip code and click “Find It” to generate a list of the donation boxes that are the closest to you


4) Drop your books in the bin!

5) Log on to the internet and head over to


6) Replace the books you just donated with some new gently used books at discount prices


7) Do your happy dance!


That’s it! Easy peasy!

And don’t forget – if you have any trouble or can’t find the box closest to you, call our 800 Number to speak to the manager for your market – 1-800-402-BOOK. They can direct you to the closest drop box or even schedule a pick up at your home.

Happy Spring and Happy Reading!!!