A Little Graduation Treat!

Okay, Grads, okay….we get it. You have read enough books to earn a diploma and for that reason, we have decided to go one week without suggesting new books for you to read.

We know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to Graduation Day and for that reason, this week’s blog post is dedicated to you!!

We wanted to put together something special for you to bring a smile to your face as you head out into the world to do great things. So without further ado, courtesy of www.Ellentv.com and some of our other favorite sites, here are our favorite Graduate stories:

1) Funniest Graduation Photos in History – Who said that the mullet wasn’t a fabulous, graduation day-worthy hairstyle? Take a look at these AH-MAZING Graduation photos from years past. If these don’t make you “lol” then we don’t know what will! #ALF

2) The Most OVER THE TOP Graduation Party – Seriously grads, if your parents didn’t throw you a party like this one, it’s probably best to never speak to them again. Who doesn’t have a graduation party with Rolex watches, a massive celebrity guest list and synchronized swimmers!? Sheesh….it is your graduation day for goodness sake! You deserve it!!

3) Greatest Graduation Speech Ever! – It’s a little long but welllllll worth the watch. One of the greatest comedians of our time provides some incredible perspective on life in his address to the USC Graduating Class of 2017. We can’t think of a better way to send you out on your journey other than with the wise words of “Dr.” William Ferrrell ringing in your ears. Click the photo to view the video and enjoy!


We hope you got a few giggles out of this week’s post, but more so, we hope that you are inspired to go on and do wonderful things!  We know that you will be amazing and we wish this year’s graduating classes the absolute best of luck in everything you set out to accomplish. Don’t Settle. Follow Your Heart. Change the World!



P.S. – If you change your mind (which inevitably, you will) and want a new book to read, take advantage of this amazing graduation discount code on our website.

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Memorial Day, Summer Kick-Off & Blog-iversary!!

Today is a very exciting day for Discover Books for TONS of reasons! jonah hill

First and Foremost – Memorial day is upon us and we can’t wait to celebrate our country’s veterans. Although you will likely be celebrating and spending time with your family and friends this weekend, let’s not forget the reason behind the holiday and the true sacrifices that our veterans have made to ensure that we can spend this quality time with loved ones. To show our gratitude, please use code 15MEMORIAL2017 at www.DiscoverBooks.com for 15% off of your entire order of 2 or more books!

memorial day

Next Up – This weekend is generally known as the official kickoff to summer!! Pools are opening and school years are winding down. Aaaand, although some of us had horrific winters this year and others had very mild winters,  we think that it is safe to say that, at Discover Books, the summer is wayyyyy overdue. We are thrilled that it is right around the corner! In the summer time, we receive more donations than usual and you know what that means?!….MORE DONATION EVENTS & BOOKS GIVEN BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!! Don’t forget that summer is one of the most important times for books because keeping books in the hands of young readers when they are not in school is crucial to promoting and sustaining the lifelong skill of LITERACY!!


Last But CERTAINLY Not Least – This weekend marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Discover Books Blog! Can you believe it?!?! Time has certainly flooowwwwwwn by for us and we cannot thank all of our followers enough for sharing and following our journey each week. We have posted 51 blog posts to date and this marks our 52nd! Whew…what an adventure it has been!! We hope that we have inspired you and helped bring a smile to your face from time to time. We want to extend a MASSIVE Blog-iversary “Thank You” and an even bigger virtual hug to all of you.


If you haven’t had a chance to, click here to sign up and officially follow our blog to get exclusive deals and offers….like the one below!

ALERT! ALERT! This deal is not posted anywhere else and is EXCLUSIVE to our blog followers. You can now not only use the Memorial Day code that we provided above, but you can also use code BLOG2017 for an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF of any amount of books….how about that?!? #winning

From our family to yours, Happy Memorial Day, Happy Summer Kick-Off and HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY!!! (happy dance)

baby dance

What Do Bookies Want to Be When They Grow Up?

Happy Wednesday Book-O-Sphere!!


Because May is Graduation month, we want to give a big shout out and CONGRATULATIONS to all of this years graduates! You have accomplished something incredible and you should be very proud of yourselves!!


Now the fun part begins….you have your degree in your hot little hands and now you have to try to figure out what to do with it. For a lucky few, you already have a job lined up and a career path in mind. But for the majority of graduates, there are so many career options and enticing fields to get into that you aren’t sure where to start.

Welp, we stumbled across a fabulous article from PopSugar recently that is exceptionally relevant for any book lover who is graduating and not sure what to get into. Their article, 9 Jobs Bookworms Will Love, is available online and we have selected our TOP 3 FAVORITES for you below. 

1) Librarian – We’re choosing the most obvious as our top choice because, hey, you get to interact with books and people who love books all day every day! What could be better?! The best part is there is room for advancement and you can work your way up the library ladder!


2) Publisher or Editor- Just think of all of the perks of working for a book publishing or book editing company! The possibilities are endless and you get to see the books hot off the press. Can you imagine?? New releases constantly and you get to contribute to improving the world of books! Sounds perfect!


3) English Professor – Want to pass along your love of learning and love of reading to young minds? Want to help someone discover their passion for books the way that you already have? Becoming a teacher or professor is an amazing way to give back and earn a living at the same time!


At the end of the day, remember – you might not (and likely won’t) land your dream job right out of college. You will have to work hard to get to where you want to be but the absolute best advice we can give to our recent graduate followers is to find a job that you love doing. Sure, you need a job to pay your bills, but follow your heart and do what you love because if you get up every day and work for something that you love (wink, wink – books!), you will never feel like you are ever working! This is the secret to life!

And because we know that you recent grads are dying to get your hands on some new books but are operating on a budget (at least for now until you become millionaires and conquer the world), we have a special discount for you to use at www.DiscoverBooks.com!

Click over to our website and use code 2017GRAD for 15% off of your order of 2 or more books right now!

Again, congratulations!!!

This is just the beginning of your journey and we can’t wait to see the places you’ll go!!

Back at it Again…Barber Shop Style!

One of our favorite non-profits in our Baltimore/DC market is back at it with plans to give away 1,000+ books in a really creative way! Tyler, the CEO of Kid Time Enterprises and his mom Andrea do everything that they can to make sure that children have books available to read. Andrea has seen first hand how the gift of books has made an amazingly positive impact on Tyler’s life and she wants to help him reach other kids and their families in the same way.


Discover Books was proud to donate books to help with their most recent venture – the Festival of Literary Arts (FOLA) in Prince George’s County, MD from May 3rd through May 13th. The event was actually inspired by Tyler and his #1000bookgiveaway and is an extension of his vision. The FOLA site says:

“The initiative to encourage youth to read at home was created by the 5-year-author. To date, over 2,500 books have been distributed through the traveling book festival.”

You can find a list of location on their site where books are available if you live in the area!

Here are some pictures and a video of Tyler’s quest to make sure that the barber shops and salons in the area are stocked with books for young readers so that they can enjoy them and take them home after their haircuts! He even up-cycled and restored the furniture to house the books at each location! How amazing!!

Keep it up Tyler and thank you for letting us be a part of your vision!!

Tyler’s Furniture Recycling Video: Click Here