Authors with June Birthdays

Here at Discover Books, we have been celebrating famous writers' birthdays on our blog. In regards to authors with June birthdays, we’ve chosen writers in various genres and periods to feature, as well as a mix of adult, young adult, and children’s authors. No matter what you’re looking for, this list can help you find [...]

High School Classics Worth Reading

Do you remember having to read all those classic novels in your high school English class? Well, I do! I remember feeling stressed out that I had to read three chapters of some classic novel in addition to all the other schoolwork I had at the time. But after reading these specific stories, I was [...]

Timeless Children’s Books for Future Generations

Some of my first memories are when my parents read bedtime stories to me. I remember begging them to read "just one more" before going to bed. Coming from a family that collects books, we never seemed to run out of new stories to read. For my family, books gave us an escape to a [...]

Best Books from the 1960s

It's all about counterculture. The word "counterculture," a term used to describe a group or system with a conflict with mainstream values and norms as its primary and defining purpose, was first coined in the 1960s and for a good reason. Whereas the 1950s marked a boom in all things mainstream, the '60s were most [...]