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"I think the closest cousin to the novel in the art realm is the symphony. A novel has movements and leitmotifs. It has moments of crescendo and diminuendo. You feel a growing emotional force, and then it backs off for reflection. A work must feel cohesive and organic, and the beginning and end inform each other in a way that we can hold in our head." - Amor Towles

Authors with October Birthdays

We’re back with another installment of our blog series that celebrates authors’ birthdays. This month, we’ve once again chosen to feature authors with October birthdays from both classic and contemporary times, as well as a variety of genres. Whether you’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, or children’s/young adult literature, we hope this list will [...]

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Magic is a theme that weaves itself throughout the books of Alice Hoffman. No matter the genre, and she's tackled them all, including non-fiction, fiction, children's lit, YA lit, short stories, and even screenplays, magic always seems to play a role. She's a master at weaving together the tangible and the fanciful; even in her darkest stories, there's a little magic present to help see things through.