Holiday Books by the Decade

The decorations are up. The fire is crackling, the cocoa is simmering, and your toes are comfortably cozy in your favorite winter socks. These are all sure signs you’ve successfully set the stage for an idyllic afternoon of wintertime reading. Now, all you need is a festive book to put you in the holiday spirit. [...]

Authors with November Birthdays

At Discover Books, we love to recognize the wonderful writers whose books we resell and redistribute. So, we’ve once again compiled a list of ten authors with November birthdays to celebrate. This month’s list is loaded with famous names in classic and contemporary literature, spanning many genres. However, the works listed here are just a [...]

Best Books from the 2010s 

2010 is a decade that's still clearly visible in the rearview mirror. Not enough time has passed to give us a well-defined sense of the significance of this decade. That kind of understanding comes only with space and perspective. What we can say is that the 20-teens did have a character all their own. By [...]