Discover 10 Modern Fairy Tales

March 2023 Reading Challenge Discover Books Click here to join the Challenge and earn bonus points! Once Upon a Time. . . What is a fairy tale? I don't know if there's a "technical" literary definition of what constitutes a fairy tale. I could look it up, but chances are, I'd find many different answers [...]

French Books You’ll Love

What could possibly be more lovely than reading French books near Valentine's Day? You don't have to know French, of course, to appreciate the City of Love! There are many French authors whose works have been translated for you to enjoy. And France overall has inspired plenty of writers for setting, characters, and culture. Having just spent a month studying abroad and exploring various French cities, I definitely fell in love with how the French appreciate books! In this blog, I'll try to show you bits and pieces of French magic, especially for bookworms like yourselves.