Best World War II Books

June's reading challenge focuses on WWII books. It offers a selection of narrative non-fiction books. Narrative non-fiction offers history with an emphasis on storytelling. Great writers of narrative nonfiction do their research to find the facts and then share those facts as a story. It takes considerable skill to present the details of history in a literary way, but, when done well, the result is a book that captivates and informs.

How to Choose a Book?

According to ABC News, Oprah chooses her top book club picks by asking three questions. 1). Does the story move her?2). Does she think about it for days after? 3). In a work of fiction, do the characters seem real to her? All three questions are reasonable expectations from a book. When you think about the [...]

Book Club Picks For Great Conversations

Are You in a Book Club? I've been in the same book club for nearly 20 years. Two of us have been in the group since the beginning; the other faces come and go. Book club is one of the most important things in my life. For most, it's not a big thing; we meet [...]

Emily Henry: Perfect for Summer Reads

With a bestseller called Beach Read, Emily Henry writes cute romance stories -- perfect for the summer! If you haven't read her yet, I hope I can persuade you to pick up one of her beach reads... It may even be Beach Read! Here are some of her books and why you should plan on [...]