Okay, Grads, okay….we get it. You have read enough books to earn a diploma and for that reason, we have decided to go one week without suggesting new books for you to read.

We know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to Graduation Day and for that reason, this week’s blog post is dedicated to you!!

We wanted to put together something special for you to bring a smile to your face as you head out into the world to do great things. So without further ado, courtesy of www.Ellentv.com and some of our other favorite sites, here are our favorite Graduate stories:

1) Funniest Graduation Photos in History – Who said that the mullet wasn’t a fabulous, graduation day-worthy hairstyle? Take a look at these AH-MAZING Graduation photos from years past. If these don’t make you “lol” then we don’t know what will! #ALF

2) The Most OVER THE TOP Graduation Party – Seriously grads, if your parents didn’t throw you a party like this one, it’s probably best to never speak to them again. Who doesn’t have a graduation party with Rolex watches, a massive celebrity guest list and synchronized swimmers!? Sheesh….it is your graduation day for goodness sake! You deserve it!!

3) Greatest Graduation Speech Ever! – It’s a little long but welllllll worth the watch. One of the greatest comedians of our time provides some incredible perspective on life in his address to the USC Graduating Class of 2017. We can’t think of a better way to send you out on your journey other than with the wise words of “Dr.” William Ferrrell ringing in your ears. Click the photo to view the video and enjoy!


We hope you got a few giggles out of this week’s post, but more so, we hope that you are inspired to go on and do wonderful things!  We know that you will be amazing and we wish this year’s graduating classes the absolute best of luck in everything you set out to accomplish. Don’t Settle. Follow Your Heart. Change the World!



P.S. – If you change your mind (which inevitably, you will) and want a new book to read, take advantage of this amazing graduation discount code on our website.

Head to www.DiscoverBooks.com and use code 2017GRAD at checkout for 15% Off of your entire order of 2+ books. Enjoy!!!


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