Welcome to our blog post for this week! We are thrilled that you joined us because we have a special treat for all of our followers. This past Saturday, July 16, 2016, one of our many charitable partners, Velocity of Books, hosted a massive book donation event!! The event, Rock ‘N’ Read, took place in Rockville, MD on Nelson Mandela Day, to celebrate reading and literacy!

Discover Books was honored to be a part of the event and donated over 10,000 books to help this amazing cause.

There was music, face-painting, games, dancing and most of all, tons of happy readers who got to take home handfuls of free books!  You heard right…handfuls of free books! The event was complete with countless volunteers who helped set up, coordinate stations and restock bookshelves throughout the day, Star Wars characters collecting donations, some furry friends who stopped by for a quick read and even a REAL LIVE POKEMON!!

Our photographer took plenty of photos and we wanted to share them in a photo blog for you this week. We hope you can feel as much happiness from these photos as we saw on Saturday!



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