Discover Books - let the stories live on Your ONLINE Corner Bookshop is an online gently used bookshop for people who love to read but don’t like the cost of new books. Everyone should have access to good books. Keeping books affordable is our business. Those we can’t sell are donated or recycled.

Our company was launched based on the fundamental belief that used books have value and should never go to waste. Books should achieve their greatest possible purpose: Whether purchased by another reader, donated to help a child acquire the lifelong skill of literacy, or recycled as a new product, they have a story to tell.

Authors spend hours laboring over each storyline, paragraph, and even word. All that labor deserves to be cherished not thrown away. We ensure that as many books as possible make it into readers hands. Our tagline and mission are “Let the Stories Live On.”

We have an amazing team from our warehouse crew to IT, marketing, executive team, or our awesome customer service. They have one goal – to get to know you better in order to provide you with the best services.

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The best thing about books is they create conversations and kindred friendships. They are a safe space to explore the world and ideas around us. Bookstores especially used bookstores have a certain aura about them – it’s magical. strives to bring that same magical experience online. We want to engage with our customers and give them tips and advice. A blog is a perfect place to accomplish that goal. We desire to be your friendly online bookshop.

As book lovers, we love all things books. Looking for new genres or authors, join us as we explore both. Perhaps, you enjoy quotes – we’ll cover them too. If you are really adventurous, join our travel from home serious where we explore countries using books. We can’t forget hobby, skills, and career books as we branch out to talk all things books.

We throw in articles about reading lights, organization, and care of books just to complete the conversation. Oh, for those DIYers out there, we sprinkle in a few book projects – warning some are graphic as we make a wreath or planter. Those are not for the weak in heart bibliophile. We haven’t forgotten the hardest conversation for book lovers – what to do when you simply must part ways with your beloved books.

As you can see, we want to cover all topics relevant to book lovers. There is no end of possibilities in topics. Follow us to join our online corner bookshop.

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