Self-Published Books

August 2023 Reading Challenge - Are you an avid reader who's always on the lookout for interesting stories and fresh voices? If so, exploring the world of self-published authors might be the thing for you. Self-publishing has become a popular avenue for writers to share their work independently by bypassing the traditional and difficult [...]

5 Books Every Teenager Should Read Before Adulthood

The teenage years are a time of immense growth, exploration, and self-discovery. One way to navigate this exciting period is through the wisdom and perspectives offered by books. The human brain doesn't fully mature until around the mid-20s. This means that during the teenage years, the brain is still undergoing significant development and can therefore [...]

Sweet Magnolia Book Series

A Guide to the Books and Order to Read Them If you're a fan of heartwarming stories that transport you to a charming Southern town, the Sweet Magnolia series should be on your must-read list. This beloved book series by Sherryl Woods has captured the hearts of readers with its delightful characters and engaging plotlines. [...]

Best World War II Books

June's reading challenge focuses on WWII books. It offers a selection of narrative non-fiction books. Narrative non-fiction offers history with an emphasis on storytelling. Great writers of narrative nonfiction do their research to find the facts and then share those facts as a story. It takes considerable skill to present the details of history in a literary way, but, when done well, the result is a book that captivates and informs.

How to Choose a Book?

According to ABC News, Oprah chooses her top book club picks by asking three questions. 1). Does the story move her?2). Does she think about it for days after? 3). In a work of fiction, do the characters seem real to her? All three questions are reasonable expectations from a book. When you think about the [...]

Book Club Picks For Great Conversations

Are You in a Book Club? I've been in the same book club for nearly 20 years. Two of us have been in the group since the beginning; the other faces come and go. Book club is one of the most important things in my life. For most, it's not a big thing; we meet [...]

Best Family Relationship Books

May Reading Challenge - Family Relationship Books Creating a Family of Books One thread that connects us is family and the relationships within them: we all have them. They look different and feel different, but they're family nonetheless. Like them, love them, despise them, or even mildly tolerate them, our families greatly impact who we [...]

A Garden of Books

Yearning to enjoy your garden? These 10 books in the Discover Books 2023 reading challenge will transport you to beautiful gardens.

Benefits of Reading Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have been a staple in children's literature for centuries. They are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, and have become a beloved part of our cultural heritage. But why are fairy tales so important? In this post, we'll explore the benefits of reading fairy tales, and why they should [...]