Discover 10 Modern Fairy Tales

March 2023 Reading Challenge Discover Books Click here to join the Challenge and earn bonus points! Once Upon a Time. . . What is a fairy tale? I don't know if there's a "technical" literary definition of what constitutes a fairy tale. I could look it up, but chances are, I'd find many different answers [...]

Best Romance Books Adapted to Film

February 2023 Discover Books Reading Challenge Recommendations Click here to join the Challenge and earn bonus points! In February, it's natural for our hearts and minds to turn to romance. Pink and red hearts are everywhere, as are mushy jewelry ads and shopping aisles filled with candy and flowers. Whether you think Valentine's Day is [...]

Discover The Last Hours Trilogy

The Last Hours trilogy, inspired by Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations,” depicts the aftermath of Cassandra Clare’s #1 New York Times bestselling Infernal Devices trilogy.  Set in 1903 at the rise of the Edwardian era in London, The Last Hours follows the lives of the next generation of The Infernal Devices’ main characters, their children. With the new generation of Shadowhunters comes new [...]

Creating Your Own Embroidery Library

If you’re interested in developing your embroidery skills, Discover Books is a great place to start. We’ve got a remarkable selection of books that will teach you skills and spark your imagination. You can build a solid library of embroidery reference books for a reasonable price.

What Books Do You Love to Reread?

There are lots of reasons to reread a book. What are the books you pick up again and again, and why? Mine seems to be the memories attached to the book and of course, the writing style, voice, and loveable characters within the book.

Discover Author Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende, having sold more than 75 million books globally, is one of the most widely read authors in the world. Her 25 remarkable books have been translated into over 40 languages and have been adapted into plays, ballets, radio programs, operas, and 2 feature films. Ms. Allende is a widely celebrated novelist, feminist, and [...]

Voices that Define the Holidays

Discover Books challenges you to join our reading challenge! This month is all about the holidays and the voices that have defined how we celebrate. Are you ready to learn more about beloved holiday traditions?

Best Memoirs on Mental Health

How's Your Mental Health? The stigma surrounding struggles with mental health continues to plague our society. But here's the thing: everyone battles mental health. Some battles are more serious than others. Some of us experience the struggles ourselves, while others watch helplessly from the sidelines as people we love fight daily. Many of us experience [...]

Business & Leadership Reading Challenge

As the end of this year's book challenge draws near, I am overwhelmed by the incredible people I've discovered while reading through these biographies. It seems fitting this Thanksgiving month to express gratitude for the numerous ways my life is blessed every day because of the talents and sacrifices of people I have never met.  [...]