One of our favorite non-profits in our Baltimore/DC market is back at it with plans to give away 1,000+ books in a really creative way! Tyler, the CEO of Kid Time Enterprises and his mom Andrea do everything that they can to make sure that children have books available to read. Andrea has seen first hand how the gift of books has made an amazingly positive impact on Tyler’s life and she wants to help him reach other kids and their families in the same way.


Discover Books was proud to donate books to help with their most recent venture – the Festival of Literary Arts (FOLA) in Prince George’s County, MD from May 3rd through May 13th. The event was actually inspired by Tyler and his #1000bookgiveaway and is an extension of his vision. The FOLA site says:

“The initiative to encourage youth to read at home was created by the 5-year-author. To date, over 2,500 books have been distributed through the traveling book festival.”

You can find a list of location on their site where books are available if you live in the area!

Here are some pictures and a video of Tyler’s quest to make sure that the barber shops and salons in the area are stocked with books for young readers so that they can enjoy them and take them home after their haircuts! He even up-cycled and restored the furniture to house the books at each location! How amazing!!

Keep it up Tyler and thank you for letting us be a part of your vision!!

Tyler’s Furniture Recycling Video: Click Here

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