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Many of you probably have no idea where to store all your books. Do you keep buying and piling up books? Do you immerse yourself into new stories and can’t stop? The iconic Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo, encourages people to declutter and only have objects in the house that bring or “spark joy”. She recommends 30 books, but that is a small amount for book lovers, so we should focus on finding more clever and appealing ways to store them!

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Sometimes, you have so many books that carry sentimental value: a meaningful gift, a special edition, or characters you love. However, with all the books piling up, it can be hard to find a place for them. They end up hiding under couches and beds. Eventually, you end up forgetting the books are there. If this describes you, then this blog post will be helpful. We will explore 5 tips that will help make more room for your beloved books. 

The first tip is using crates to build useful space for your books. This is a fun one because you can personalize them, paint them, add wheels to them, and make them your own. Crates of varying style (rustic to elegant) are easy to find at Michael’s, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Amazon. You can stack them on top of each other or arrange them side to side. They are easy to move, and most importantly, they are great for holding a lot of books! You can store these crates in different rooms and even categorize them (by author, series, genre, etc) to stay organized.

Tip number two is for those who like to see books on display, so you can easily reach out and read them! A great way to store books is on levitating or floating bookshelves. Not only are they easy to install, but you can place them anywhere you want! You can have these levitating bookshelves in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or wherever you think is best. This tip is not only practical, but it is aesthetically pleasing too. Pro Tip: you can hang the shelf in a strategic place, so people inspecting your Zoom meeting background will be impressed by your featured selection.

Tip number three is to place books in bookends; this is a fun project if you like DIY jobs. They can be set on tables, nightstands, shelves, etc. – any flat surface. Below, you will find a link to 23 different ways to create bookends and beautify them! They are not only simple, but they are stylish and a fabulous way for storing extra books anywhere. For most of them, you can use what is already lying around your house. 

Check out this website to see the bookends.

The fourth tip helps book lovers and parents. If you have cube organizers for children’s toys, they are a great place to store their books too. You can place them in baskets or showcase them in the cubbies. This will save plenty of space in your home. (You can get different storage units through Amazon at an affordable price.)

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Bookshelves aren’t the only option for storing your books. The final tip is to use any spare place to store your books, such as ledges, tables, appliances, or counter tops, etc. (be sure they won’t fall off and are able to be reached). This idea brings your empty ledges and spaces to life! Be creative and think outside the box.

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I hope these ideas inspired you and help you make more room for your books. If you want to see even more ideas on how to store your books, check out this link. If you are looking for more books to fill your shelves, makes it easy and affordable to stock your home with reading material. Especially now that you have extra room for more books!

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