Happy Summer Bookies!!…..or is it!?!

Scholastic recently published a study that shows that 15% of children (ages 6-17) don’t read any books over the summer!
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I know, I know….we were shocked too!! That number is staggering considering there is SOOO much proven evidence that not reading over the summer is detrimental to a child’s learning process throughout the rest of the year.

The good news, however, is that 50% of the same group of children read between 1-5 books over their summer break!!!! eh-ehmmmm we will say that one more time…..

Scholastic reports that 50% of children ages 6-17 read between 1-5 books over the summer!

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There we go…..that’s better!

So you might be sitting there wondering what you can do to get your children to read more over the summer, keep their brains active and ensure a smooth transition for them back into the school year in September right? No problem!

Here is an awesome infographic from the survey that is JAMPACKED with great ideas to get books in those hands! Click on the infographic to read the full Scholastic survey with more information and statistics that you might find pretty surprising!

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We have saved the best news for last because now it is easier than EVER to get books for your children to read over the summer! You don’t even have to go out and fight the summer heat for this one…GET READY!

Head over to www.DiscoverBooks.com to take advantage of our multiple book promo going on now! Buy ANY five books on our website and get 20% OFF!!! Can you believe it??? 20% That’s like getting one of the books completely free!


Yep, that’s how we feel too! And we know your kids are going to love it. Hop on over to www.DiscoverBooks.com and buy any 5 books that you and your children want (you can even get one for yourself too!) and then enter code SUMMERREADING2017 at checkout for 20% off.

Keep your family safe, happy, and most of all READING this summer with Discover Books!

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