As a lover of books, there is probably a good chance that you have some books that you would like to donate! However, you are probably wondering where you can take them to make sure that they end up in the hands of people who will cherish them the way that you have, right?

The easiest and most convenient way to get your books to us is to place them in one of our book collection bins!!

book bin

Not sure what that means? Not to worry. This week we will give you the ins and outs on how to donate your books to Discover Books easily and effectively. Trust us when we tell you that we will find a happy, new home for your gently used stories!

First thing’s first…finding a book bin. We have tried to make this step as easy as possible. Visit our website,, and click on the “Our Program” tab. Next, click the “Get Involved” tab and you are almost there! All you have to do now is enter your zip code and it will tell you where the 5 closest book collection bins are according to your location!

The next step is to place your books in the slot at the top. They will fall into the bin, similar to the way that a library book return works, and will be safely locked inside the box until the next scheduled pickup.

That’s basically it! Take a look at the decal on the front of the bin or click here to see the process of our book donation program in more detail! It really is quite amazing.

Interested in Hosting a Book Bin?!

Do you have a local business or know someone with a spot that would be great for a book bin?! We love when people are interested in helping us collect books.

If you have a spot for a book bin, or know someone who would be interested in hosting one, give us a call at 1-888-402-BOOK. Select the option that best describes your location and you will be directed to the manager for your region. Once we get permission to place the bin, we can drop it off within a few days and you will be aiding us in our mission of letting the stories live on! Yay!!

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