Last week we had a Discover Books FIRST! Brace yourselves! We met with Miss Maryland Princess 2016, TaLiyah McColl!! TaLiyah is working her way up to becoming a Miss America candidate!!! Miss America contestants focus on community involvement as well as talents and poise.

Can you believe it!? A future Miss America was at Discover Books! We are SO excited! She is one of the sweetest, most wise-beyond-her-years young girls that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not to mention she is extremely generous and focused on helping others!

Aspiring Miss America contestant gives books to community.

Meeting with TaLiyah was amazing and awe-inspiring because she stopped by Discover Books to collect about 100 books (that was all her and her mom could carry on this trip…but they will be back for more!) for her mission to donate them to young readers in the area! She supports the platform, Readers are Leaders, and holds book drives so young children can have books of their very own!

Aspiring Miss America contestant gives books to community.

The founder of Readers are Leaders, Wendell Byrd, says:

“The Readers Are Leaders program offers a path to success for struggling elementary school readers by creating opportunities for growth and achievement. We target students who need a helping hand today so that they may become the responsible citizens, problem solvers, and leaders of tomorrow.”

We are so inspired to see TaLiyah along with her fellow sister queens using their notoriety to make a difference in the lives of other children. Their mission is right in line with what we do at Discover Books…promoting literacy…and we could not be happier to be an ongoing partner for TaLiyah and the work that she does! The fact she is aspiring to be a Miss America contestant just drives her community involvement even more.

Aspiring Miss America contestant gives books to community.
Aspiring Miss America contestant gives books to community.

TaLiyah told us she will be back to get more books soon and will bring an army of future Miss America contestants with her! We CANNOT wait and we will update you on our next visit and their donation recipients just as soon as we can!

If you’d like more information on our community outreach program, please click here. For a more recent event, read here.

2 comments on “Miss Maryland Princess 2016 Visits Discover Books!!

  • Discover Books

    Eva, thank you for letting us know. I’m not sure if we have trucks that go that far, but I’m passing it on to the right person. Again, thank you for sharing.

  • Eva Hamrick

    If you get a bin in Morgantown, WV you’d get a lot of books. College town with lots of students from all over the world. You can stop in a restaurant and listen to different languages. I loved looking at different license plates from all over the U.S. and sometimes Canada. I live in Grafton, WV to get away from the bustle for a while, one day I may move back but right now no.

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