Growing up with a librarian mother was quite fun. My mother brought me books all the time. I was (still am) a huge bookworm back in my tweens and teens. My book journey started when I was young, but it is a journey that continues today.

Goosebumps was my all-time favorite book series. I am sure I read the whole collection back in the day. One fun fact about my Goosebumps adventure is I read them both in English and French.

Being from a country (Mauritius) that is multilingual, I grew up reading books in 5-6 languages!

My Favorite Books from Teenage Years

Below is one of the books I read from the Goosebumps collection, The Haunted Mask. It was one of my favorites. I assure you that The Haunted Mask will capture your attention right away. With its twists and turns, it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. The good thing about these books was I could finish one book in 1-2 days. The book is available at

Goosebumps The Haunted Mask Book Cover

Another thriller author I like is Agatha Christie. I mean who doesn’t like her. She was so talented and one of the best thriller author to ever exist. Once again I read her books both in English and in French. To be completely honest, I liked the French version better. Perhaps, its because French came easier to me than English.

One of her books that I read and was spellbound was Murder on the Orient Express. The ending was shocking and unexpected ( very Agatha Christie-like). 

To summarize the book, a murder happens on a train, and everyone becomes a suspect. Intriguing, isn’t it? The book is available at along with other books from the author.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie's book covers

Alright, enough about thriller and mystery novels. Now let me reminisce about Nicholas Sparks. I feel he is the best romance author. His writing absorbed me, and I’d fantasize about having a love story with an imaginary boyfriend.

The Notebook is my all-time favorite romance. The story is captivating, the romance deep and abiding, and the endearing emotions make it worth reading. You can purchase it here

My Book Journey The Notebook book cover

Another Sparks book that I enjoyed is The Last Song. This book begins with an end. The main character, Veronica, parent’s divorce and her life is thrown into adventures.  

I admit I read the book after seeing the movie with the one and only Miley Cyrus. Just like every other teenager during that era, I, too, was a Hannah Montana fan. Purchase your copy at

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks book cover

The next book in my journey is a cliché one, but do you remember the Twilight series? Nostalgic, right? I still remember my mother bringing home the first Twilight in French. I became absorbed in its rich content. 

Bella and Edward were trending everywhere at that time. Don’t worry, every romance needs to have conflict and Jacob fills that spot well.

Twilight Book Cover

My father loved to tell me about the books he and my mom read when they were young. His description of The Famous Five intrigued me, so I read it despite them being “old”. 

The novel is about the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina (George), and her dog Timmy. The escapades of these “famous five” children are what childhood dreams are made of. In my opinion, anyone who loves reading will adore this book collection. The novels are funny, suspenseful, imaginative, and full of twists and turns. Collect them all at

My Book Journey pick The Famous Five book cover

My Book Journey Summary. . .

These are some of the books that I read while growing up in my country. Kudos to my mother for making me into the bibliophile I am today.

As you can tell, my taste in books were mostly novels that consisted of enigmas, fear and suspense. For me these books are the ones that captured my attention. But somehow, Nicholas Sparks managed to make me love The Notebook.

Hemishka is an international student studying in North Dakota. Her love of books captured our attention, so we invited her to share book journey. We all have a book journey, you know, those books that shaped your childhood, teens, and molded your genre palate as an adult reader. Take a moment to ponder your own book journey.

All these books are available at !

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