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Does the New Year spark enthusiastic thoughts of improvements in yourself, your home, and your career? Is your list of resolutions taped to your mirror, typed into your phone, and buzzing through your mind?  

The thrill of new possibilities brings joy, hope, and desire. While you are in this mental state of change, it is a good time to look at your bookshelves. We know this is a sensitive subject for book lovers. Nevertheless, it is an important discussion to have. 

Are your shelves overflowing with books you read but never intend to read again? Do you have books you purchased but long since lost the desire to read them? Do you have books you would love to share with others, but don’t have friends who are interested? Is your book collection causing your partner or family to be concerned that you are a hoarder? Do you buy books just to put them on your shelves as trophies, but never get around to reading them? If you calculated how long it would take you to read every book on your shelves at one book per week, would you need to live to be over 100 years old? (No judgment here.)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, DiscoverBooks.com is here to help. We suggest doing a bookshelf cleanse. We would love to say it is a simple process, but we know the difficulty in parting with even one single book. We suggest placing your most beloved books in one pile, your read books in another pile, informational or technical books in a separate pile, and finally books you have never read in a pile.  

After sorting, place the beloved ones back on the shelf. Start sorting the read pile into three piles: will read again, want to share, and need time to think about it. Do this with each pile of books. Placing the most beloved of each pile back on the shelf.  

Focus on sharing the books you aren’t putting back on the shelves. This helps you gain the courage to part with your books. DiscoverBooks.com has readers waiting for these stories. We have a simple-to-use app that allows you to share your books with people wanting them and get paid for it – PiggyBook App. Download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Scan the covers or barcodes, accept the offer, print the label, and ship them to us. We pay you and cover the shipping. You can also do this from our website. Go to Discoverbooks.com for access, and type in the ISBN codes. The best part is knowing your books will be purchased by a book lover like you. 

(Dear Reader: Just so you know the author is not being a hypocrite. I am doing a bookshelf cleanse this week too.) 

Disclaimer: PiggyBook App does not guarantee book hoarding symptoms will not return. Empty shelves can cause an urgent desire to purchase more books. DiscoverBooks.com offers the lowest prices on books which can help alleviate pain caused by the need to refill shelves. 

Here are some books to help with the process. Prices as low as $3.85. Discoverbooks.com offers free shipping on orders of $12 or more to lower 48 states.

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