We are fairly confident that your news feed, email, daily life and pretty much everything else that you can possibly think of is (and has been for the past couple months) flooded with press and propaganda regarding the recent election of the new President of The United States. So, in honor of your sanity, here at Discover Books, we figured we would blog about the BIG issues today….you know, the things that REALLY MATTER.

First off:

happy cat.gif

Next, it is imperative that we help you understand:




We also hope you take time to stop and reflect on the following 4 points:





And last but not least, we’re here to help you find your happy place:


If you want to be as ZEN as this pup, you might consider snuggling up with a good read and escaping from the craziness for a while. Check out www.discoverbooks.com for millions of titles at low prices.

We hope that this brought you some much needed election relief for just a few moments.

Happy Wednesday!!

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