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Are you an avid reader who’s always on the lookout for interesting stories and fresh voices? If so, exploring the world of self-published authors might be the thing for you. Self-publishing has become a popular avenue for writers to share their work independently by bypassing the traditional and difficult publishing process. This month, our reading challenge is all about self-published books.

First, let’s clarify what self-publishing means. Essentially, self-published authors take on the roles of both writer and publisher, overseeing the entire publishing process themselves. They have the freedom to bring their vision to life without the constraints of traditional publishing houses. This approach allows authors to maintain full creative control, set their timelines, and experiment with various genres and styles.

Remarkably, some of today’s most celebrated authors began their literary journeys as self-published writers. From Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, to E.L. James, who gained international fame with her Fifty Shades of Grey series, these success stories demonstrate the immense potential and talent within the self-publishing community.

But what sets self-published books apart and makes them worth exploring? First and foremost, self-published authors often bring a fresh perspective to storytelling by offering unique narratives and voices that might not conform to mainstream publishing trends. Additionally, self-published books tend to be more affordable, making it easier to discover new authors without breaking the bank. Furthermore, self-publishing enables authors to build direct connections with their readers, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Join us this month as our reading challenge celebrates the creativity, innovation, and remarkable stories that await your discovery in the world of indie books.

The Silicon War

Mark Hanson

The Silicon War by Mark Hanson 152453501X 9781524535018

In this gripping thriller, author Mark Hanson takes readers on an exhilarating ride through a high-stakes battle of espionage and international intrigue. As sensitive U.S. electronic equipment mysteriously goes missing, setting off alarms in both the United States and the Soviet Union, the race is on to uncover the truth and bring the culprits to justice.

The Silicon War is a blend of spy thriller and geopolitical drama, delving into the complexities of international espionage and the far-reaching consequences of stolen technology. This well-crafted novel is a must-read for fans of espionage fiction and those fascinated by the relentless cat-and-mouse games of intelligence agencies.

The Turn: a bond that shaped history

DL Fowler

The Turn: a bond that shaped history (Abraham Lincolns Human Story) by DL Fowler 0996380531 9780996380539

Based on true events, this novel follows the journey of William Henry Johnson, a formerly enslaved person who becomes Abraham Lincoln’s valet and personal confidant. As Johnson navigates the corridors of power in the nation’s capital, he carries with him the weight of his past and the hopes of his fellow enslaved people. His goal is clear: to persuade Lincoln to take a stand for freedom and equality and turn his heart and mind towards true emancipation.

The Turn delves deep into the complexities of Lincoln’s evolving views on slavery, abolition, and racial equality, shedding light on the untold story of a young man who played a significant role in shaping the President’s transformative journey. Amidst controversy and conflicting legacies, this novel explores the personal sacrifices made by those fighting for justice and the price they paid to change the course of history. This is a well-researched, thought-provoking, emotionally charged exploration of the human struggle for freedom and the power of one person to influence the course of history.

A Coat Dyed Black

Don Pugnetti, Jr.

A Coat Dyed Black: A Novel of the Norwegian Resistance by Don Pugnetti Jr. 1737595311 9781737595311

This is the story of the harrowing journey of Bjørn Erliksen, an ordinary farmer living amidst the chaos of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Norway. As his country falls under occupation and the Norwegian military crumbles, Bjørn is thrust into a role he never anticipated—a resistance fighter.

After escaping to England and undergoing rigorous training with a special forces unit, Bjørn returns to his homeland and risks his life to carry out dangerous sabotage missions against the occupying forces. Along the way, he reunites with a lost love, and together they navigate the treacherous path of love and duty, making unimaginable sacrifices and facing unexpected betrayals. You’ll be enthralled by this tale of heroism and the indomitable spirit of those compelled to do extraordinary things.

Officer Clemmons: A Memoir

Dr. Francois S. Clemmons

Officer Clemmons: A Memoir by Francois S. Dr. Clemmons 1646220579 9781646220571

This lovely memoir takes readers through the extraordinary life of François Clemmons, broadly known by a generation of children as Officer Clemmons from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. As the first African American actor to have a recurring role on a children’s program, Clemmons broke barriers and opened doors in the entertainment industry. In his book, Clemmons shares personal experiences growing up in Alabama and Ohio, navigating family challenges, and embracing his identity as a gay man.

The book also delves into Clemmons’ time as Officer Clemmons on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, highlighting the profound impact of his friendship with Fred Rogers and the spiritual mentorship they shared. Officer Clemmons is a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and pursuing one’s dreams. The author’s vivacious energy and candid storytelling bring his experiences to life.

Ashes to Ink

Lisa Lucca

Ashes to Ink: A Memoir by Lisa Lucca 1737750201 9781737750208

Ms. Lucca’s memoir explores the complexities of family, love, and personal growth by taking readers on her transformative journey in the aftermath of her parent’s divorce and the revelation of her father’s sexuality. Carrying the weight of family secrets, Lisa embarks on a rebellious path, leaving a trail of emotional trauma in her wake. Decades later, faced with her father’s death, Lisa revisits her relationship’s intricate layers.

Lucca’s writing is raw, gripping, and infused with a unique blend of vulnerability and strength. Through her story, she sheds light on the challenges of living authentically. She invites readers to reflect on their journeys of self-discovery and acceptance. This beautiful book stands as a powerful testament to the importance of love, forgiveness, and finding our paths amidst the complexities of life.

Kat Out of the Bag

Wendy Kendall

Kat Out of the Bag (In Purse-Suit Mystery) by Wendy Kendall 1509230718 9781509230716

This delightful whodunit takes you into the glamorous world of international purse designer Katherine Watson, whose life turns dark when a murder is discovered at her own gala.

With the help of local cop Jason Holmes and his trusty K-9 partner, Hobbs, Katherine dives headfirst into unraveling the secrets and motives behind the crime. As the case unfolds, Holmes and Watson clash in their approaches. Still, they can’t deny the magnetic pull drawing them closer together.

Wendy Kendall delivers a riveting blend of mystery, romance, and suspense in this page-turning novel. With clever plot twists, vivid characters, and a backdrop of high fashion and intrigue, Kat Out of the Bag will keep you guessing until the final reveal.

Sweetheart Cottage

Mindy Hardwick

Sweetheart Cottage (Cranberry Bay) (Volume 1) by Mindy Hardwick 0692542825 9780692542828

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming and enchanting small-town holiday romance, this book is just what you’re looking for.

Rylee Harper arrives in the picturesque town of Cranberry Bay with her faithful companion, Raisin. She has no intentions of getting close to anyone until former high school sweetheart Bryan Shuster enters her life. When Bryan offers Rylee a job staging his vintage river cottages, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, and her guarded heart begins to soften.

Mindy Hardwick delivers a beautiful tale filled with relatable characters, heartfelt emotions, and a nostalgic ambiance that will transport readers into the enchanting world of Cranberry Bay.

A Hard Man to Forget: The Jack Reacher Cases

Dan Ames

A HARD MAN TO FORGET: The Jack Reacher Cases Complete Books #1, #2 & #3 by Dan Ames 1093249129 9781093249125

A Hard Man to Forget is the first installment of THE JACK REACHER CASES series by Dan Ames. Set in the captivating Reacher universe with the permission of Lee Child. This bestselling novel introduces former FBI agent Lauren Pauling.

When Pauling, now a private investigator in New York, receives a cryptic letter bearing Reacher’s name and a mysterious phone number, her curiosity is piqued. Intrigued by the unusual circumstances, Pauling embarks on an investigation alongside Michael Tallon, a former special ops soldier.

Pauling and Tallon find themselves entangled in a web of danger and deception as they dig deeper. With fast-paced action, engaging characters, and an original storyline, A Hard Man to Forget will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you love Jack Reacher, you’ll love this new series.

The Librarian of Crooked Lane: The Glass Library, Book 1

C.J Archer

The Librarian of Crooked Lane (The Glass Library) by C J Archer 1922554227 9781922554222

Step into a world of mystery, magic, and adventure in this fantasy novel that introduces you to Sylvia Ashe, a librarian with a hidden past, and Gabe, a war hero concealing his secrets. The story begins as Sylvia uncovers a diary that hints at a lineage of magicians in her family.

Meanwhile, Gabe, a war hero blessed with luck and wealth, investigates the theft of a magical painting. Little does he know his actions will inadvertently endanger Sylvia, leading them on a collision course that intertwines their lives.

This is a spellbinding tale of self-discovery, unexpected alliances, and the pursuit of truth. You’ll lose yourself in this enchanting world.

In the Vanishing Hour

Sarah Beth Martin

In the Vanishing Hour by Sarah Beth Martin 1645993922 9781645993926

Frances, still grieving the tragic drowning of her brother, yearns for something more in her life. When she meets Gwen, a new model at the department store where she works, Frances is drawn into a new path, questioning whether there is more for her. Meanwhile, Harris feels trapped and burdened by guilt and his choices. When Gwen mysteriously disappears, Frances and Harris find themselves in an unexpected alliance.

Sarah Beth Martin skillfully weaves together multiple timelines, blending the past and present to create an immersive narrative. This book is a mesmerizing blend of suspense, drama, and romance, featuring engaging storytelling and relatable characters. You’ll feel pulled in from the first page.

Discover the World of Indie & Self-Published Books

Great authors find a way to tell their stories, even when that means publishing their work themselves. Indie books offer diverse stories that should be noticed, especially by keen readers. With the rise of self-publishing platforms and the increasing quality of self-published works, there has never been a better time to explore the world of indie authors.

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Venture into the world of self-published books. Explore the unique perspectives, hidden gems, and undiscovered talents waiting to be found. Let your reading journey take you to uncharted territories, where creativity knows no bounds. Head over to Discover Books and embark on a literary adventure like no other. And make sure to share your favorite indie titles with the reading challenge community; independent authors are counting on you to get the word out.

It’s always a good day to read a good book.

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