In honor of spring being right around the corner, we can’t stop thinking about all of the fun spring activities we want to get into in the coming weeks!!


We would imagine that to make room for all of the fun stuff you will bring in this summer, a little spring cleaning is in order right?!

Aaaaaand…we know that you probably have more books than the average person, you know, being a bookie and all.


We don’t blame ya! In fact, we’re here to help!! What a better way to celebrate the change in season than to clear out all of the books you’ve already read in order to make room for new ones!

Okay sure, keep a few classics and a few favorites but the rest can find new homes with new stories to tell if you know where to take them!

Want to know the easiest way to make room on those shelves and ensure that your books will find new homes where they will be cherished??

Donate to a Discover Books drop box near you!!

book bin

Wondering how to find one? No problem!

Below is a step by step list of instructions to make sure you get your books to us so we can find them new readers!

1) Log on to the internet and head over to


2) Click on “Our Program” and then click on “Get Involved”

3) Enter your zip code and click “Find It” to generate a list of the donation boxes that are the closest to you


4) Drop your books in the bin!

5) Log on to the internet and head over to


6) Replace the books you just donated with some new gently used books at discount prices


7) Do your happy dance!


That’s it! Easy peasy!

And don’t forget – if you have any trouble or can’t find the box closest to you, call our 800 Number to speak to the manager for your market – 1-800-402-BOOK. They can direct you to the closest drop box or even schedule a pick up at your home.

Happy Spring and Happy Reading!!!



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