The 4th of July is right around the corner! Most people picture fireworks, hot dogs on the grill, family get-togethers and red, white and blue decor for this holiday of Independence… And we know that there are tons of fun activities to partake in on such a celebratory occasion! If you’re anything like us here at Discover Books, no summer holiday (or any holiday for that matter) is complete without a chance to sneak away from the festivities for a while to relax and indulge in a good read. We don’t blame you for not being able to decide on a book fit for such a joyous holiday…that’s why we are going to make it super simple!

Some of the most influential authors in history were born on Independence Day so we figured a book by one of them makes perfect sense…right?

Below we have included a brief biography of two famous writers, both born on the 4th of July and some links to their most famous works of literature. Hopefully, you enjoy learning a little bit more about each of them as much as we have! The best part is, you can share your newfound knowledge with your friends and family over some sparklers and popcorn during your favorite firework celebration.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804–1864)


Nathaniel wrote many novels and short stories over his lifetime. The most famous of all of them was The Scarlet Letter which was published in 1850 and is still part of the curriculum in many high schools today. Nathaniel emigrated from England to the U.S. and lived in Salem, Massachusetts. Nathaniel held many prestigious political positions in his lifetime and was even a judge for a number of years. During the majority of his life, he was a writer and editor and even lived next door to Ralph Waldo Emerson! He knew many historical figures as well, including Abraham Lincoln. Nathaniel died in his sleep in 1864 but will always be remembered for his influential literature. Some of his other works included, The Fanshawe (1828) and his collection of short stories, The House of Seven Gables (1851). You can read more about his life and biography here.


Abigail Van Buren (1918–2013)


Although she used the pen name of Abigail Van Buren, this writer’s real name was Pauline Phillips. She was born in Iowa and started her career writing the famous column, Dear Abby in the San Francisco Chronicle. Her identical twin, Ann Landers, who she later grew to compete heavily with, had a very similar column titled, Ask Ann Landers. After resolving their differences, Abigail saw much success of her newspaper column as it was eventually published in over 1,000 newspapers across the globe! Read the best of her Dear Abby column here now. A more in-depth look into her life and the life of her twin sister is also available here.

If you aren’t into history, that’s okay too! We’re sure that we have something for you to indulge in on the 4th! Simply visit our website,, and select the category of your choice to browse thousands of books that you will LOVE! Also, don’t forget to checkout our SUPER DEALS going on now!

Stay Safe & Happy 4th of July!!


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