It is Thanksgiving week and we are going to take today’s blog entry to think a little bit deeper about what this holiday really means to us. It means quite a bit to us in fact. Let’s dissect…

First, “THANKS”…simple enough, right? Just a simple word, right? Wrong! To Discover Books, being thankful is something very near and dear to us. Wondering what we are most thankful for? Well the answer is you! We cannot express how thankful we are for our followers and donors who give their used books to us so that we can pass them along to others who will enjoy them. Something as simple as dropping your books in one of our donation boxes can change someone else’s life for the better. We are thankful and we can tell you from experience that the recipients of your donations are even more thankful than we are. We want to send out a big “thank you!” to all of our library partners, retail partners, individual donors and anyone/everyone else who has donated books to our cause!

thank you.gif

Next, “GIVING”…again, it seems simple and most of us do it without even thinking about it but this is what we live for at Discover Books and what we love most about what we do. Being able to give back to the communities we serve is the most important part about our book repurposing program. If you are someone lucky enough to have had access to books in your life, it might sound strange, but the truth is that there are countless people and families who have never owned their own books before. We know that it is important to never take books for granted and during this holiday (and every day of the year for that matter) we enjoy giving back as much as we possibly can. We couldn’t do any of this without the members of the community who donate to help us in our mission of spreading literacy, so thank you again….thank you for giving.


As you spend time with family and loved ones this week, feel free to post pictures to our social media pages about the things that you are most thankful for! Heck, maybe even a picture of you being thankful for your favorite book from Discover Books! We would love to share your positivity across our company pages!

Lastly, we also want to give back to each and every one of you by participating in a little bit of obligatory Black Friday madness. “GOBBLE” up the savings at Details below!

Click here on Friday to access our Black Friday sale where items will be discounted by 15%.

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Happy Thanks & Giving from our Discover Books family to yours!

Gobble, Gobble!

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