For all you history buffs out there, and pretty much for anyone who calls the USA home, the first ever President of the United States, George Washington, would be celebrating his 285th birthday today! He was born in 1732 and many historians still celebrate his birthday!

Technically, up until the 1980s February 22nd was celebrated as a national holiday but later changed to celebrate all of the former and current POTUSs on what we now observe as “President’s Day” on the third Monday of the month.

Here are some awesome books about our 1st president and some other pretty awesome Presidents that made history . These books are jam-packed with some facts that you probably know and others that might surprise you. Check them out below! As always, if you know even more than we do and have some additional interesting facts about President Washington, don’t hesitate to comment below! We would love to hear from you and I’m sure our history buff readers would love to know as well!

1) George Washington’s Socks (Time Travel Adventures) – A magical rowboat transports five adventurous kids back in time to the eve of the Battle at Trenton where they get a first-hand lesson on the American Revolution.


2) George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution – A dive into the behind the scenes operations! 


3) The Story of George Washington (Signature Books, 25) – A signature classic!


Click on the pictures above to purchase these directly OR head over to to select from THOUSANDS of books on this topic. It is definitely an important one! We hope you enjoy and…from all of us here at Discover Books…

Happy Birthday George!!!


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