Hallelujah! Summer is officially in full swing!


Here in the Northern Hemsphere, the summer solstice happened yesterday, Wednesday, June 22, 2017 at 12:24am making yesterday the longest day of the year!

Which meaaaannnnnsssss…Summer is officially here and there is no turning back. From now on (or at least until Labor Day) it is time for endless pool parties, summer reading, vacations, relaxation and cookouts! But…we’ll be honest, there are a couple things that we are reallllly not sure if we are looking forward to or not this summer….

1) The grand reveal of Beyoncé’s twin “bey-by” names….We’re not sure if we’re ready or not….relax!


2) Kim Kardashian West’s surrogate BONANZA & media frenzy….yeah…we’re definitely not looking forward to this one.


3) Last but CERTAINLY not least – “Romp-hims” aka “Man Rompers”! While we can vouch for pretty much anything related to summer, this is not quite sitting right with us. We’re ALLLL for lounging in your comfiest gear and catching up on a good book but this new trend is not what we had in mind….honestly it’s not what anyone had in mind….EVER! But it is catching on like wild fire.


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….or, on second thought….don’t!

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