Today we were so inspired by the holiday spirit that we couldn’t help ourselves from compiling the ultimate list of DIY holiday decorations and gifts made from old book pages! We are ALL FOR recycling damaged books in any way possible to avoid seeing them be thrown away. Take a look on your shelves and see if you have any books that have “seen better days.” You can use what you’re about to read in this blog entry to transform them from their damaged state to a brand new masterpiece! Read more below:

1) A super interesting site,, has compiled a cheerful list of “7 Heavenly Holiday Crafts to Make with Books”!! They have step by step directions for you to craft 7 different holiday masterpieces right at home. They range from ornaments and wreaths to even menorahs! Check it out here!


2) has a really unique take on the traditional Christmas ornament here! All you need is some imagination, an old book and a few other simple supplies. Read more now!


3) We love this list of 20 super creative ideas from The list goes on and on so take your pick and get crafting! We know that you bookies have enough old pages to make every single decoration on the list. Ready…..GO!


4) Don’t necessarily need decorations? Not sure what to get the bookies on your list? That’s okay! Check out’s list of DIY gifts that you can make for your favorite “bookworm.” We’re not going to lie…we’ve already started making these for our families here at Discover Books!


5) Last but not least, will help you create the most unique Christmas Trees around from simply folding the pages of a paperback book! That’s right, all you have to do is fold. No complicated instructions or tools needed. Just your hands, a book and a wild imagination.



Well, what are you waiting for??? The holidays are quickly approaching so you need to get started ASAP! Sheesh….Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!


Don’t forget!!! Post pictures of your DIY holiday book page decorations to our Facebook page or tweet them at us @storiesliveon. We want to see what you’ve come up with so we can re-post and inspire more readers to create their own quirky crafts!

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