A popular question that we get here at Discover books is, “Where do all of the books come from?” Well, the answer is simple! We work with thousands of small business owners, retail stores, early learning centers, libraries, fire stations, schools (there are way too many to list them all here but you get the idea!) to collect books from within the communities that we serve. These partners help us collect books very easily by hosting one of our outdoor book collection boxes!

When the boxes are full, we retrieve the books and process them our in warehouses across the country. The books are then repurposed for new readers to enjoy. Books from these collection boxes are distributed in a number of ways, including donations (this is our favorite way!) to local non-profits, schools, etc. We couldn’t do half of these donations without the help and support of our collection box hosts. So we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who currently hosts a box and give you the

Top 5 Reasons that you should consider hosting a box too!

1) Increased Business for Hosts – Hundreds of retail location hosts tell us that they receive increased store traffic due to having a collection box on site! Think about it…if someone is stopping by to drop off books, the chances that they will run in to grab a quick snack or coffee is pretty high. Gas stations especially receive extra business because donors can drop off their books and fill up all in the same trip!

2) Enabling Donations – The majority of children’s books that are donated to these boxes are filtered out through our process and donated back to local organizations that need them. You can rest assured that your help hosting a box means that thousands of children will receive free books that they never would have had access to before.

3) Keeping Books Out of the Landfill – Every book that ends up in a donation box means that is one less book that could possibly end up in the landfill. People are WAY more inclined to donate if they can do it easily and efficiently.  That is where you come in! Hosting a box means that you are encouraging the community to participate in giving books a chance at a new life.

4) Increasing Literacy – We strive to make literacy a priority in the communities we serve. Illiteracy is a devastating barrier to success — and it’s an issue we care about — so we leverage our resources to help. You can host a box and be a contributing factor to the increased literacy and education in your local community.

5) Positive Visibility & Community Feedback – Lastly, you can expect plenty of positive feedback from the community for helping to facilitate book donations. Patrons will notice and want to help be part of the cause as well. We love recognizing our local partners/hosts for their help in collecting unwanted books and helping the stories to live on. Who knows, you might end up on our blog one day! Better keep an eye out!

If you think you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting a collection box, you can learn more by calling 1-888-402-BOOK and selecting the option for your region! We hope to work with you soon!

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