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If you read our blog, you may know (if you don’t read our blog, you should start!) we’ve explored some of the health benefits that reading has in a previous entry. However, we feel SO strongly about it, that we wanted to dive a little deeper today.

Discover Books strives to promote literacy for a plethora of reasons and one of the most important ones is that we know literacy and reading, starting at a young age, play large roles in developmental and intellectual growth! A recent article from the Deseret News in Salt Lake City explains exactly what we mean in a little bit more depth. Let’s take a gander, shall we?!

Chandra Johnson of the Deseret News explains that:

“…while reading is such a seemingly simple and essential part of child development, not all children are read to early or often, putting them at a developmental and intellectual disadvantage….Aside from building necessary language and learning skills, storytime has other hidden benefits as science and literacy experts are just beginning to understand, namely, how reading helps children develop beyond mere language and how it can strengthen families.”

Literacy, developmental advantages, intellectual advantages and better family dynamics…all from reading!! It’s so simple yet, some people don’t read to their children, can’t read to their children or worse, don’t have access to books! How HORRIBLE!!!


We are inspired to encourage parents and guardians to get out there, develop their own reading skills and pass those skills on to their kids! And we are doing everything we can to make sure that anyone and everyone has access to books…NO MATTER WHAT! NO EXCUSES! BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Johnson goes on to explain:

“a study published in Pediatrics in 2010 found that children who were not read to as kids were at an increased risk of not being ready for school by age 6 and were also more likely to experience socioeconomic disadvantages into adulthood, including low self-esteem, depression, behavior problems, social isolation and were five times more likely to report poor health as adults.”

It is an amazingly interesting article and you can read more here.

If you or anyone you know works for an organization, school, company, non-profit or any other establishment that could benefit from a donation of children’s books, please reach out to us! Let’s find a way to get books into the hands of those who need/want them.

Call us at (888) 402-BOOK or click here to reach out online!

A lot of our partners help us collect books by placing donation boxes in local spots within the community in exchange for donations to the organization of their choice! It is a win-win. Books coming in, books going out, literacy is increasing and the STORIES ARE LIVING ON!!!


Also, if you are simply looking to beef up your own book shelf at home, you can check out our website. The one and only www.discoverbooks.com has millions of titles at SUPER low prices so that you can read your little heart out without breaking the bank.

Even better, now you can GIVE the gift of literacy to those you love and care about. We are offering gift cards on our website so go ahead and send someone you love a gift that they will cherish. Use the gift of reading to brighten someone’s day this holiday season! Learn more now by clicking here!


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