It’s Almost 2017 – #Makeitcount

We hope that the holidays are treating you well and that you have been spending time with loved ones over this joyous time of year!! We have been having a little bit too much fun (and cookies) here at Discover Books but it wasn’t all fun and games this year…


Unfortunately, as most of us already know, Christmas Day 2017 was a sad day for music lovers of the 80’s & 90’s. George Michael died at the age of 53 in his home in England and the news definitely came as a shock to most of the world because he was so young.


So…heading into the new year, we have an idea!

Our goal is to accomplish 2 major things this week/moving into 2017.

1) We want to pay tribute to George Michael and the legacy he leaves behind him hoping that his music and message will live on forever (we know it will)!



2) We want to encourage all of our followers – and anyone else for that matter – to commit to resolutions for the New Year that will lead them to enjoy every day to the fullest. #yolo…right?? You never know what’s going to happen or what curve ball life will throw so let’s make sure that 2017 is the best year to date!


#yolo #happyholidays #livelifetothefullest #2017 #whatsyourresolution #memoryofgeorgemichael #WHAM!

Hard-To-Holiday-Shop-For Made Easy!


We would like to take this opportunity to wish the Happiest of Holidays to all of our followers and friends!

Whether you’re curled up on a cozy chair in front of a blazing fireplace or relaxing on a warm beach in your Santa hat, we know that the holidays are always about love, family, friends and making memories. Aaaaand you obviously want to make sure that you are getting everyone on your list the perfect gift right? A gift that they will remember for years to come! Discover Books has the perfect on-stop-shop solution. If you are still searching for the perfectly memorable gift for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list, you have come to the right place.

1) The “Has Everything” Friend – Undoubtedly, we all have a friend on our list who has absolutely everything and anything that they could ever want. You want to get them something that they will love but every gift you can think of would be a duplicate because they already have a bigger and better version. Not to fear! Buy them, Get Yours! How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More, by Amy Dubois Barnett. Click the picture below to buy it now at


2) The “OVER THE TOP” Friend – You all know this person. A dear friend, close to your heart but you know that no-matter what you get them, it won’t quite live up to their standards. They have very expensive taste and have to have the newest version, best edition or most expensive, flashy items to keep up appearances…and quite frankly, you can’t afford to break the bank on just one person. So what do you do? You get them a book of course. We can guarantee that no one else will be giving them the scandolous read, Marrying for Money by Chrissy Manby. Click the picture below to buy it now at

marry for money.PNG

3) The “Sports Enthusiast” Friend – It is pretty likely that you have someone on your list who loves anything and everything sports. You usually can find them juggling a soccer ball during casual conversations, screaming violently at the TV while watching NFL & College Gameday Football or maybe even playing on a competitive, weekend team themselves. You know you won’t be doing them (or anyone around them) any favors by getting them a gift card to Sports Authority. So what else could they possibly want? At first, a book might not seem like a logical gift, but you would be surprised. Give them a new perspective with The Meaning of Sports by Michael Mandelbaum. Click the picture below to buy it now at


4) The “Party-Way-Too-Hardy” Friend – Every year, you buy this friend the same gift – a great big bottle of wine or a fifth of vodka. They love having a good time….maybe a little way too good of a time if we’re being honest. Chances are you are wondering how to find a way to drop a subtle hint while still getting them something that they will appreciate….right? Blackout Girl by Jennifer Storm is the perfect scandalous but reality inducing book for them! Click the picture below to buy it now at


5) The “Crafty” Friend – We have visions of home-made bedazzled jackets, puff-paint decorations and glitter explosions dancing in our heads when thinking about this next friend on the list. You can’t wait to see them this holiday and pick the fragments of straw and yarn from their hair, while complementing their latest creation right? While it is fairly certain that you will receive a gift from them that you have ABSOLUTELY no place or use for, you are still forever grateful and want to make their holiday special. Against our better judgement, we think that giving them an aresnal of new materpieces to create would be the most perfect present. DISCLAIMER!! – You may be receiving more hand-made items than usual after giving them Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. Click the picture below to buy it now at



6) Have a friend of your own that is so unique that they didn’t even make the list? Don’t know what kind of books they would even enjoy? We have a fool-proof solution for that too. Buy them a gift card and let them choose what suits their quirky personality the best! Click the picture below to email someone a Discover Books gift certificate! Gift certificates are sold in $5 increments and you can even customize your email template to coordinate with any occasion…how cool is that!? The best part…you don’t have to pay for shipping, wrapping or delivery! Jeez-Louise! We thought of everything didn’t we!?



Happy Holidays to you and all of your interesting and amazing friends and family! We couldn’t do what we do without you so THANK YOU and we will see you next week!

Top 5 Holiday DIY Lists for Bookies!!

Today we were so inspired by the holiday spirit that we couldn’t help ourselves from compiling the ultimate list of DIY holiday decorations and gifts made from old book pages! We are ALL FOR recycling damaged books in any way possible to avoid seeing them be thrown away. Take a look on your shelves and see if you have any books that have “seen better days.” You can use what you’re about to read in this blog entry to transform them from their damaged state to a brand new masterpiece! Read more below:

1) A super interesting site,, has compiled a cheerful list of “7 Heavenly Holiday Crafts to Make with Books”!! They have step by step directions for you to craft 7 different holiday masterpieces right at home. They range from ornaments and wreaths to even menorahs! Check it out here!


2) has a really unique take on the traditional Christmas ornament here! All you need is some imagination, an old book and a few other simple supplies. Read more now!


3) We love this list of 20 super creative ideas from The list goes on and on so take your pick and get crafting! We know that you bookies have enough old pages to make every single decoration on the list. Ready…..GO!


4) Don’t necessarily need decorations? Not sure what to get the bookies on your list? That’s okay! Check out’s list of DIY gifts that you can make for your favorite “bookworm.” We’re not going to lie…we’ve already started making these for our families here at Discover Books!


5) Last but not least, will help you create the most unique Christmas Trees around from simply folding the pages of a paperback book! That’s right, all you have to do is fold. No complicated instructions or tools needed. Just your hands, a book and a wild imagination.



Well, what are you waiting for??? The holidays are quickly approaching so you need to get started ASAP! Sheesh….Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!


Don’t forget!!! Post pictures of your DIY holiday book page decorations to our Facebook page or tweet them at us @storiesliveon. We want to see what you’ve come up with so we can re-post and inspire more readers to create their own quirky crafts!

Books on the Go – Making a Comeback!

It’s no secret that Discover Books enjoys delivering books to those who need & want them. We also know that there are hundreds of ways to get books out into the world with a chance to tell a new story. But, one of the most fascinating ways, hands down, is the idea of the bookmobile! Think about it…what if you had access to a travelling library that would pull up to your home, open its doors and transport you into another world for a few moments? Would you take advantage of a resource like that? We thought so!

The bookmobile, believe it or not has been around since the mid-1800’s and has drastically changed the way that people enjoy reading. Smithsonian Magazine reports that the first bookmobile was cruising the streets of England back in 1859…ok…maybe not cruising per se, but it was a horse drawn carriage that delivered books to readers throughout the town.


Years later in the 1960s, bookmobiles were still revolutionizing the reading landscape throughout the U.S. as well. Acclaimed author, W. Ralph Eubanks, recalls his first experience with the local bookmobile in southern Mississippi:

“…the bookmobile stopped right on [my] street, a portal into the world of literature. In contrast to the summer heat in south Mississippi, the bookmobile was frigid inside. The librarians did not care that I was barefoot, and wearing a pair of raggedy shorts. All they cared about was that I wanted to read—and to help me find something I would enjoy reading.”

You can read even more about the history of the bookmobile at!

At Discover Books, we’re always looking for innovative ways to interact with our book loving family both near and far. In our Mid-Atlantic market, for example, we work with the Maryland Book Bank, donating over 20,000 books each year to help them provide local teachers with free books to stock their classroom shelves!

Andddd what is super exciting is that The Maryland Book Bank in partnership with the Baltimore Ravens, has a brand new bookmobile that is packed with close to 2,500 books! They travel around town and serve the children in the Baltimore area by providing them with books that they can keep to help build their own home libraries! How amazing!



We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Maryland Book Bank to spread literacy and help the #storiesliveon!! Learn more and check out more pictures here!

If you know of any libraries, non-profits or other organizations that have a local bookmobile and you want to share pictures with us, we would love to see them! Post them on our Facebook Page or Tweet them @storiesliveon today! Who knows, maybe we can even help contribute some books to the bookmobile shelves!